What games should I get for my DS?

I only bought the system for the Castlevania games. So far, I only have Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and just ordered Megaman ZX.

What else should I pick up? And how did the FF3 remake turn out?

There’s a whole thread on FF3 if you wanna read it. The summary is: its painful. Very painful. Very old school.

Browse the forums a little, there are a couple DS threads that should elaborate on everything you need to know.

Ah, I wish I had DOS, but I could never find it.

The FFIII remake’s not bad. The graphics are neat (especially the opening) but there’s a severe lack of Phoenix Downs I think. I liked it, but I find it hard to say many negative things about a FF.

I have Harvest Moon DS and Trace Memory, both of which are good. I used to have Wario Ware (Or however it’s spelled, I can’t remember), but it got stolen (Frikin’ Michigan hotel), when I had it I liked it though.

Fucking Elite Beat Agents ROCK!


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Trauma Center: Under The Knife

It’s the only DS game I own besides the demo of Metroid that came with the system and it’s very good. Just…suspend your disbelief as it goes on.

AC:WW, why did no one say this yet? O_o

Well, time for one hell of a long-ass post. I’m a huge fan of the DS. I’ve owned a Lite since July, and I own eleven games for it, ten of which are excellent. Here’s a quick ranked list and two-sentence review of each :slight_smile: (#1 = favorite, #11 = least favorite).

  1. New Super Mario Brothers - This is now competing with SMB 3 and SMB World to be my favorite Mario platformer of all time. The design is genius, the action is smooth, and the value is tremendous, making this the one must-have game for the DS.

  2. Advance Wars: Dual Strike - This game has more replay value than any other game I have ever owned, ever. The multiplayer options are excellent, and the achievements and unlockables list is so massive I’ll probably never actually “finish” it, despite having beaten the game so many times; if you like strategy games, then try to check this out.

  3. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - The best Cv game since Symphony of the Night. Huge variety, great castle atmosphere, and a surprisingly well-designed plot and characters.

  4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - This is more like a law-themed adventure game than a lifelike lawyer sim, as there aren’t any juries or appeals process anywhere to be seen, and Phoenix would be held in contempt for badgering the witness like eight times per case if it was a bit more realistic. Still, the game is a blast, with some hilarious dialogue and great courtroom drama to be had.

  5. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - I prefer Dawn of Sorrow for its more accessible mechanics, better castle design, and more appealing storyline, but this is an excellent trip as well. It gives us some truly excellent boss battles and a vast castle layout, with a very fun dual-character mechanic to make the action a little wilder.

  6. Meteos - This is as good as fast puzzlers have gotten since Tetris. It has some very intense action, EXCELLENT audio, and a wealth of replayability with many unlockables and excellent multiplayer.

  7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All - I preferred the cases in the first Phoenix Wright, and also the fact that there were five instead of JFA’s four, but this is a very solid game in the tradition its predecessor. One great new feature is the Psyche Lock system, which raises the stakes in investigation phases.

  8. Final Fantasy III DS - This is a very oldschool game with some very newschool visuals, but it definitely is a solid RPG. I’m more of a fan of the SNES FF games, but FF III DS gave me little doubt that there was some quality to be found in the series’s NES era.

  9. Super Mario 64 DS - This is a very good port of one of the best 3D platformers of all time, and the fact that it’s ninth on my list says something about the previous eight games. Playing through the game as Luigi or Wario is fun, and the extra content is nice, but it ultimately feels better on the N64; nothing bad to say about what’s here, though.

  10. Children of Mana - This is a very disappointing entry in one of my favorite oldschool series. It’s one huge dungeon crawl, with the most boring magic system and combo system of any SD game, including Final Fantasy Adventure; I can only hope that Dawn of Mana makes up for this one.