What games are you playing?

I just felt like asking. I’m playing these:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Katamari Damacy
FFX-2 (Or I would be…if I could frikin find it.)
Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles

Okage, Star Ocean 3, Shinobi.

Radical Dreamers
MGS3 (Extreme difficulty)
Chrono Cross

(In no particular order)

Zelda: Wind Waker
Independence War2: Edge of Chaos
Counter-strike: Source
Replaying FF7
Getting back into allegiance, god I love how its open source and free now.

Edit: Oh yeah, how could I forget domain knights? Who else still playing that?

Star Ocean 3
Wild Arms 2
Quest for Glory series (starting with 1, playing with the same character all the way through to 5)
Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist
Leisure Suit Larry 1
Police Quest
Space Quest
Super Adventure Island II
Little Ninja Brothers
Super Ninja Boy
Dragon Warrior 2, 4 and 7

Wild Arms
Legend of Mana
Growlanser Generations
Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls
Fire Emblem
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

FFX-2(don’t know why, but I never finished it)
GTA: San Andreas
NFU: Underground 2

Darius Gaiden PC

I’ll see if I can complete all the 28 levels.

Right now, I’m playing Suikoden IV and I must say I’m pretty dissapointed with it. I hope if Konami plans to make Suikoden V, they put more thought into it.

Next on the list is Phantom Brave.

Playing Earthbound, Fire Emblem, StarCraft and Mario DS in some vague sort of order.

UFO: X-Com Defence Force / Terror From the Deep
LoZ: the oracle games
Metroid: Zero Mission/Fusion
and some others

Skies of Arcadia Legends
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door(only until Tuesday, I’m only renting it, but it will be mein)
Fire Emblem
Phantasy Star II
Secret of Mana

Looking forward to:
ToS or RE4(or possibly both if I have the money)

Read below.

I’m really enjoying Xenogears. :stuck_out_tongue:

World of Warcraft
Half Life 2
Skies of Arcadia
Secret of Mana (Classic :D)

Star Ocean 3
Final Fantasy 1 (Which I really need to get back to playing)
GTA: San Andreas

That’s about it at the moment. I think I do still have games going else where, but I haven’t played any of those for a while.

Silent Hill 3 and 4
Dogfight:Battle for the Pacific

Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls
Kingdom Hearts

And… I guess that’s it. XP

Half Life2. I am going to play this game forever. Or until something better comes out. Whichever happens first.
LoZ: Oracle of Ages/Seasons.
That’s about it.

[li]Shin Megami Tensei
[/li][li]Fire Emblem 7

Dragon Warrior 7
Dragon Warrior 1
LOZ : Minish cap
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Final Fantasy 1&2 Dawn of Souls
Toruneko no Daibouken 3 Advance
Doom 3
Elder scrolls III: Morrowind
Prince of Persia: Sands of time