What games are these from?

Quite some time ago, I downloaded a very large pack of monsters for use in an RPG Maker program. They’re all rips, as far as I know, but a large number of them are from things I don’t recognize in the least bit. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

All the monsters in the packs are arranged according to game.

Here’s a couple from one grouping I don’t recognize.

From another.

From yet another.

Have a couple more. Will have to double-post.

Yet another.

Last one.

I remember these monsters being in Lunar 1: Silver Star Story

I know that’s the Saline Slimer from Lunar: Silver Star Story (or is it from L:SSS Complete? It’s been a while so I don’t know exactly which of the two it is, but it’s the Saline Slimer nonetheless.)

The first pair is from Phantasy Star 3.