what game you played had really good graphics?


Resident Evil 4 looked pretty damn good, iirc. Really, I rarely ever notice graphics, though. People have to point them out to me.

Zone of the Enders 2,especially the last fight,so fast and incredible,but with no slowdown whatsoever.

Half-Life 2

It pwned Halo2’s graphics.


God of War… Tekken 5…

Who said the Ps2 can’t match the XboX’s graphic core?

I agree with Resident Evil 4.

There were a couple scenes that almost looked like live action.

“Ahhh! You pervert.”

Also, the Star Wars: Rebel Strike on the Cube was just so damn pretty.

resident evil dead aim had good graphics too…

Doom 3 , Half life 2, FFX are nice.

I remember playing FFX for the first time and seeing the FMVs… wow.

In-game graphics would go to, like everyone else has said, HL2, Doom 3, and World of Warcraft was also very pretty in an artistic sense.

Anyone who looks at the hardware… >_>

Having said that, there are still many impressive PS2 titles, like MGS3. Games that are on multiple platforms always look like crap on PS2, though.

Half-Life 2: The Demo Version.

Now, if only someone would gimme a credit card’s worth of 60 bucks … :smiley:

Half Life 2 was good, but I think it the graphics stood out more in Far Cry and Doom 3. While they were just behind HL2 graphically, they came out almost a year earlier, and that stands for something.

HL2 was good graphically, but it was more of an ‘impressive’ than a ‘OMGWTF’. (NOTE: This is in regards to graphics, not the the gameplay, which was awesome)

I’m more about miscellaneous tech achievements, though. Like, off my head, The incredible scale of battles in Rome: Total War (Medieval and Shogun also do this, but Rome really had it stand out by making said large battles seem believable)

Best of all: Far Cry and Half Life 2.
Best for its system: Chrono Cross.

ff10 had great graphics i forgot!

It can… see Kill Zone! That’s pretty pretty…
People, in the majority though, can’t be fucked doing it.

And YES! To Far Cry, that was damn nice; I love the ripple effects!


Grandstream Saga.
But truthfully…I loved Saga Frontier 2’s hand painted graphics. Am not into the 3D hoopla.

Abe’s Odysee

Saga Frontier 2 did not have state-of-the-art graphics, but the handpainted graphics are very beautiful.

I loved Langrisser Hikari II’s graphics.

Genesis is teh hardcore.

KOTOR 1 and 2 were pretty good, but I haven’t seen them on a computer capable of handling them with all the graphics settings on maximum. Legacy of Kain: Defiance had great graphics too. The leap in quality from the old Soul Reaver is quite remarkable.