What FF Jobs are justifiable?

By that I mean: What FF Jobs actually make sense given the game world backround where they’ve been inserted? And which have abilities that are really, redundant, considering other jobs also available?

Examples: White Mages are healers, and you find healers in ALL cultures. On the other hand, Ninjas and Gunners do not fit into the mostly European Fantasy-based FF Worlds.

As for functionality: Red Mages can use BOTH White and Black magic spells. Good idea, and balanced by their lack of high-level spells…
…but in some FFs, you can multiclass as a White/Black mage. Doesn’t that makes Red Mages obsolete after a while?

So my question is: if YOU were making a FF game, what jobs, if any, would you use, and why? What abilities would they have?
I’ll post my own list soon.

Mostly European, sure, but are we also supposed to believe that there is only one culture in each Final Fantasy game? I guess this is one of those realism in gaming things. I suppose as long as the game doesn’t try to pass itself off as being true to real world physics, culture, etc. I can just accept the minor eccentricities.

Regarding Red Mages, multiclassing a Black/White mage would take much longer than developing a Red Mage of approximately equal magical talents. Also, the Red Mage also has better fighting abilities than a the other two together.

It might be helpful to list some of the more exotic classes so we know what we’re working with here, for those of us who haven’t played all the games. Partial list:

Black Belt
Red Mage
White Mage
Black Mage
Dragoon (not what a real life dragoon is though)
Scholar (something like that)
Blue Mage

That’s all I could think of.

Heh, I’ve always wanted to do this:

black mage
white mage
time mage
blue mage
red mage
dark knight

and… ONION KNIGHT!!! :boring: \m/

I HATE BERSERKERS!!! p:unch:: :enguard: ::doh:: :noway: ::dekar!::

Samurais? Running around Euro-style kingdoms? Huh?

Sure, Cyan was like a samurai in a euro setting. He used the special swords, and did the special techniques, wore his hair int he pony tail. But wore euro armor, lived in a euro castle and spoke like the dudes in the byble. I love it when they mix things up like that.

As for what classes i woudl most likely put into an FF game…

Red Mage
Black Mage
White Mage
Time Mage
Blue Mage
Light Knight/Paladin
Dark Knight/Gafgarion

I liked the way the Thief upgrades into a ninja in FF1, so i would have it do that.

I’d have to have:

White Mage
Black Mage
Holy Knight
Dark Knight

That would be it, I think. And who cares if they mix up the cultures, it makes it so no nation/culture has the right to complain about not being included in the game. It makes things more interesting mixing styles, less repeatative.

If I think about medieval Europe, I think of:

Wizards (Merlin)
Dragoons (as in Pikemen)
Dancer (for entertainment :mwahaha: )

These are the most realistic in my opinion.

Hmm, I started something I hadn’t intended. I was just listing all the classes I could remember so that there would be an available list in the hope that someone would make a full list so others could make arguments for or against the existence of various classes.

What game is time mage in?

Let me think,

Time mages are in:


However, their spells: Haste, Slow, Meteor, etc. are in almost every game.

Meteor is a time magic spell?

It is in FFT, and Meteo is a Time Magic in FF5.

All the classes are good, except Onion Kid.

Just some historical references for some of the more complicated classes:

Berserkers should be most closely related to Highland Warriors (think Braveheart). They had savage battle tactics and were absolutely merciless on the battlefield. They were physcially taller and stronger then most other peoples of the time, and their weapon of choice was the Claymore.

For Holy Knights, we should think back to The Crusades, and the thousands of soldiers who battled in the name of God during that time period. The Conquistadores of Spain can also be considered, as many of them conquered large portions of South America in the name of God.

Engineers are tough one… but I think they are best related to the British Colonial Soldiers who fought in the Zulu War in Africa. The soldiers of this time usually used single shot muskets, and many had technical skills which were used to construct bridges, barricades and forts in the countryside.

Dragoons can be related to the Phalanxes used by Alexander the Great, which dominated many battlefields during the Hellenistic age. The Phalanx consisted of a tightly packed square of soldiers, each carrying a four metre long pike. In this compact formation, it was difficult for any enemy troop to get near enough to do any damage.


Well, here’s a list of classes I’d want, and ones I’d avoid:

Must Have:

Knight - the ability to equip powerful swords and armor makes this a perfect class to put in the front lines.

Martial Artist - a bare-handed fighter is helpful early in a game when strong weapons are hard to come buy.

Black Mage - offensive magic is always a plus, especially when there are enemies with a weakness to it.

White Mage - healing and support magic is a must for long battles.

Archer - the ability to attack enemies while staying out of harms way is a plus. I’d want the arrows to be equipped separate from the bow to add some flexibility, like in ff4.

Don’t Need:

Summoner - While they’re fun to watch, summon spells usually take a long time and use a lot of magic. A black mage can usually do the same thing more efficiently.

Red Mage - While it’s a good idea in theory, they usually aren’t as powerful as white of black mages.

Blue Mage - Enemy skills are rarely useful, and are a pain to acquire

In some of the more recent games the purpose of summoners has been enhanced; the summons are no longer just a powerful magic attack with fancy graphics. In FF VIII, they could act as a damage shield, and in FF X, the summon was a controlable fighter with potentially a full array of abilities and its own hp and mp.

I disagree with the Archer being a “must have” class, but again, it is in the implementation of the skills that determine its usefulness.

And regarding the Blue Mage, it is fairly useless in its own right, but it’s fun to take out the bad guys with their own attacks.:hahaha;

Its honestly just a game.

Who cares?

I always liked the Blue Mage better than the red mage. A Thief is a must have class. in IRL RPG’s, a thief is vary handy, my favorite D&D class is rouge. Geomancer is probably my least favorite class, though they can be useful too.

Originally posted by Dragon God
It is in FFT, and Meteo is a Time Magic in FF5.

Bah! Meteo, Meteor, close enough!

Anyway, I kinda like blue mages, their skills can be useful at times. Like “L5 Death” or something. I just don’t like how you have to get Blue Magic in some games. Gau was impossible to use, Quistis had to find really rare items, Strago had to be hit by it and only a few enemies had it, Blue Mages in FFTA have to be hit by it. I like Kimharri’s (spelling) Lancet ability though. It had another purpose other than getting Blue Magic.l

Enemy Skill materia in FF VII required you to be hit too. FF X had the easiest method for obtaining the skills, but since they were only available as overdrives (and weren’t really that strong), they tend to be less useful. I ended up turning Kimhari into a redmage (With a better magic stat than Lulu). Lancet is a very nice ability though. I taught it to everyone so I didn’t have to constantly cast Esuna when fighting those stone pillar type enemies in the Omega Dungeon.

CC, if you don’t care, don’t post. Some people enjoy just talking about such things for fun. That’s the point of games, isn’t it? To have fun.