What does this site do these days?

I remember the glory days of RPG classics. Playing Zsnes and looking at RPGC because gamefaqs only had words. Every game I wanted to play was on the website, and I even attempted to make a shrine myself (did not end too well).

So… what has happened to this site between it looks like 2004 and now? How is it still up if there are no updates?

Surprisingly enough I still use the shrines when I’m replaying some of my favourites or a friend gets stuck in one of these games. It’s good to keep this site up, despite no updates.

The site has a lot of visitors and its able to stay up thanks to them. The content’s pretty good despite how dated the design is.

the weird blue splash background is the most memorable things about this site.

But do people still make shrines? Are they even able to make new shrines?

Destati, I make shrines all the time. I’ve been averaging about 60 a year for the past 5 years. I don’t upload them because nobody appreciates me.

really? Anyone that uses this site appreciates the shriner greatly. Right now I’m using Hiryuu’s Sweet Home shrine as a guide. these shrines have always been so important to emulator players like myself.

Sure, Shriners are appreciated, but regular Masons are the victims of numerous unfounded conspiracy theories and other such items of slanderous mendacity.

Basically, the site sits around and generates ad revenue money to line Rich Uncle Merlin’s pockets while the rest of us really do nothing. As games got more and more complex, Shrines got harder and harder to make.

We generally tell people to turn down their music and get off our lawns. Or, during the workweek, someone usually just yells “get a haircut.”

Are you saying the people here are too stupid to make a shrine on a current game? Or are you saying they’re too lazy? I take exception to that and if I wasn’t so lazy I would punch your bergina.

I always thought people didn’t make shrines anymore because they were too stupid to figure out how to get screen shots.

I appreciates you. I appreciates you every night.

Looks at FFXII and what I’d have to do to screen shot 100% of the game

Foams at the mouth

It loads.

About half the time, for me, anyway.

I too, still use the shrines from time to time. However for a period it looked like the the RPGC headed towards the wiki style… but I’m not sure what’s happening with that.

Overall, I think this website is awesome and regardless of updates or no updates… it should stay up! :victoly:

I’ll try and fix those once I have the time. It’s probably due to all the rewrites and redirects required to handle the old RPGClassics. Should probably upgrade the software we’re using too.

Godamn you fuckers are still around?

All of these people…disappeared…and now suddenly they’re gathering back to the forum again. As if drawn by some mysterious and powerful force…

I’m not “around still” so much as “around again,” but yeah. I’m mostly … not around anywhere under the name “Yar Kramer” anymore.

It’s a Cloth Hat! You’re still around as well?

His point is probably that games like Morrowind are too much effort for a person to shrine and communities have already created wikis for them. Not to mention people have more free time when they are 15.