What does it mean?

Last night I had a dream, I was in a big rectangular room with a lot of computers, and on one of the ends there were huge steel double doors, and through them I could see the shapes of monsters. They started banging on the doors, so I left through a door at the end of the adjecent side, and just as I went through it, a massive purple midgar zolom looking thing smashed through the big double doors, and started chasing me. I ran down the corridor a few feet and then the snake smashed through the small door and chased after me and bit me like a viper. And ate me. It was lightning fast.


Stop smelling the white power, I told you that’s not sugar!

I thought I told you to stop washing your pillows in paint thinner!

It means you play too many fucking video games. Get out and get some fresh air you geek!

I’m guessing it means that you should stay out of the computer lab at your school.

It means you’ll be kidnapped by the Purple Midgar Zooloms and eaten by the Viper Snakes!

You have wierd dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:

A snake ate you?

It obviously means that you want to shag your mom. [/freud]

Dude, I had practically that same dream! Only instead of being the one running, I was smashing down some double doors to eat some dumb kid.

WHAT does that mean?

HOLY FUCK :open_mouth: Our destinies are intertwined!!

It means give me a dollar so I can buy a pop.

It means that you and me will meet in Russia to oust Putin. Afterward when we take power I’ll have you banished in Siberia.


According to Freud it means you want to have sex with your mother.

Hey, that’s a real coincidence, since the other day, I engaged in sexual intercourse with Hades’ Mother.

Also, where is my pop?


Your pop is in my backyard. Next to the swing set.

Hahaha! It’s the ToB all over again!

ToB <3

It means that Egypt shall suffer a terrible seven year famine after the next seven years. I propose you make me the Staffetary of Rounding Up Food to Eat During a Seven Year Famine, that way we’ll have plenty of food.

It means that BIIIIIG is taking over your soul.