what does I am The Wind have to with Castlenania:Symphony of The Night?

that song from the end doesent seem to have anything to do with the game

Precisely. And it is awful.

They should have used the hidden song on the game as the ending. I thinks it’s called Castlevania:Remix or something (you hear it when you put the game into a CD player and pley track 2). Much better and quite cool song.

I believe it’s called Nocturne. And yes, it’s pretty nice, but it is in Japanese, and video games had this aversion to Japanese vocals way up until the PS2 came out. I recall Wild ARMs had its ending vocals entirely excised because they were in Japanese and they couldn’t afford to re-record it in English.

THeys till took out the vocals to the ending of Wild ARMs Alter Code: F. Which I don;t get, because that song was BEAUTIFUL. Instead, they jsut left the isntrumental part, which soudned… bland without the vocals. Gah.

When the debate over English or Japanese lyrics raged in the Japanese game market, Metal Gear Solid said, “Man, fuck both sides of this” and recorded its theme song in Gaelic.

I love you, Kojima, will you run away with me?

I’ve never played the game, but wasn’t one of the ending themes to Legend of Mana in Swedish?

Opening and ending theme. Well, technically, they were the same song, but still, yuo’re right. I remember listening to that song and trying to figure out what it was. It didnlt sound english, but not quite japanese, either.

Although, it is not as lyrically amazing as The Best is Yet to Come from MGS, it is indeed in Swedish. I’m not sure if I knew that, but it sounded familiar and was true when I looked.

“Song of Mana”. I did the same thing as Val, I kept listening to it over and over while trying to figure out what language it was. It didn’t even occur to me that it could be something other than English or Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:

I was always too wrapped up in the moment to think about what language it was in.

Are we talking about the same song? 'Cause I don’t recall any vocals. Still, I’d generally prefer Japanese to nothing.

And on the subject, I’d like to express my confusion with the ending theme of CV: Curse of Darkness. Great tunes throughout the game, but that song just plain sucked. Way worse than SOTN’s.ight also add that the ending was sung in English.