what does anyone think of this theory concerning the Zelda games?

Gannon from the first game is the Link from A Link To The Past.

Now let me elaborate on this. In Ocarina of Time the adult Link was erased and kid Link disappeared into Termina. The adult Link was reincarnated thousands of years later into The Link from a Link To The Past so he defeats Gannon who is Gannondorf from Ocarina of Time and The Triforce informs him that he was completely destroyed, so Link touches the Triforce yet his heart is not pure and he becomes the new Gannon eventually, so however many years later The Legend of Zelda takes place the kid Link from Ocarina of Time and Majoras mask arrives back in Hyrule and the reason for arriving so long after is because of his toying with time travel in Termina, defeats Gannon who is Link from Link to The Past and saves the descendant of Zelda from Ocarina of Time, so a couple years later Links Adventure takes place(Links Awaking takes place when he crosses the ocean in some theories
others say that it takes place after Link To The Past), he defeats The Thunderbird at The East Palace and then fights his Shadow which is the ghost of the Gannon from the first game which is the Link from A Link To The Past which is the reincarnation of the adult Link from Ocarina of time.

How existential can you get?

You sully the name of the Hero of Time good sir.

[STRIKE]Que?[/STRIKE] That’s a very interesting speculation. I haven’t played Majoro’s Mask, but the rest sounds right if all you info on that is true.

Um…no. I wouldn’t even want that sort of a story. It ruins the heroics of Link and gets rid of of the purity of the story. The Legend of Zelda is a nice basic story of good and evil. If Link becomes evil, then it is no longer just good and evil. Plus, the stories never show that Link doesn’t have a pure soul. He is always pretty selfless and tries to help people regardless of the danger.

I still think that this explanation is pretty good.

I think there’s a pretty visible flaw.

The Triforce is supposed to “grant one’s heart’s desire” or however the manual describes it. When Link gets the triforce all you see is flowers and animals and resurrected people, plus he abandons his sword. No skeletons and fires and powerful items in chests. The game ending is more canon than speculation.

If Link/Gannon had the full Triforce how would LoZ’s plot stand?

edit:also, Link is a pink rabbit.

Well this is based off the comic of A Link To The Past which seems to have more cannon to me, being that there is more story.
And I said he eventually becomes the NEW Gannon, the kid Link from Ocarina of Time who returns to Hyrule in the first game was completely pure, yet the reincarnation of the adult Link was not completely pure.

He wasn’t a pink rabbit in the comic he was a werewolf.

I thought Link turned into the pink bunny in the Dark World because the Dark Power or whatever changed his shape to reflect what’s in his heart. And what could show a more innocent heart than a pink bunny?

Personally I’m sticking with the Timeline that Nick posted for all to see. In which there is only ever one Ganon, just two seperate timelines. And all the Links are the pure-hearted, couragous, selfless hero.

Out of all the theories on the world, this makes the most sense to me.

or are they? I think he eventually became corrupted and transfomed into the new Gannon.

The comic, by definition, is not as “canon” as the video game. Not only that, but even with the comic your speculations are not only ridiculous, but incoherent. Considering that there is plenty of evidence against your baseless “theory,” any continuation of this conversation would be an excersize in futility Quina would be proud of.

What they said :slight_smile: Why don’t you try to fanfic it?

Your argument appears to be “My theory has greater merit because I want it to.”

I’m just gonna say it, your theory is terrible and it sucks and you have nothing to back up your claim. Having something like this as canon material would completely ruin the heroic nature of Link.

Conversation over.

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And people wonder why most game comics aren’t translated :\ Nocanonrapingcomicskthx

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thats not the comic I read, I read the one based off of A Link To The Past where each chapter was published each month in Nintendo Power.

Where the hell is that one up there from? It looks like some freakish offspring of He-Man and Captain N.

Originally Posted by Zhare
thats not the comic I read, I read the one based off of A Link To The Past where each chapter was published each month in Nintendo Power.

Yeah, about that. I too have read that particular comic and while I can’t guarantee that there isn’t any off-hand reference or blind attempt to add continually to the series such as it was at the time. (back when the series was still a very loose trilogy and even before Mega Man had more games than you could count on your fingers and had a semi-coherent plot tying them together) I am quite certain that the comic in question never even attempted to explain the various continuations and their subsequent plotholes. As I recall the story only pertained to Link to the Past to begin with anyway and it predated Ocarina of Time by about six years nevermind Majora’s Mask.

Also I don’t consider any of the NP comics to really be canonical regardless on how close they ended up being.

Originally Posted by Cidolfas
Where the hell is that one up there from? It looks like some freakish offspring of He-Man and Captain N.

Back in about 1989 there was a comic book publisher called Valiant Comics that did a series of comics called Nintendo Comic System which included Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and even Captain N comics. But I don’t think that it lasted very long before they were canceled. And while I will admit that compared to the show the comics were indeed better thanks to a slightly higher target age group and a severe lack of highly annoying catchphases both the comics and the show are not of canon material, and would probably be best forgotten.