What do you want?

We all need something. From basics like food and air, to the big stuff like housing and medicine, we all need certain things to have a somewhat tolerable existence.

This thread isn’t about what we need though.

This thread is about what we want.

We all want something silly and unrealistic. Whether it’s the greatest gaming PC money can buy (sup dad) or the rarest video game ever (sup MrSaturn) or acceptance by people more awesome than you (CLESSALVEIN SUCKS WOOHOO), we all want something there’s little chance of us getting.

So, tell us what you want. Pick the first thing that pops into your mind that makes you go I WANT IT GIVE IT TO ME and post it and tell us what it is so we can tell you you’ll never have it. I’ll start.

1/100 Daizengar/Außenseiter resin statue

A 1/100 scale model of the Daizengar riding the Aussenseiter in it’s horse mode, both mechs from Super Robot Wars Alpha. It doesn’t do anything and has no value even as an action figure. It costs £180 and I want it so bad.

Alright now you.

If you and your friends put your money together get a gun and rob a bank you may be able to get it.

I want:

You can’t have it America bought it’s leaders already. :zing:

An El Camino, half car, half truck, all awesome.

I want a pet owl. But I’d rather not have one now, for I just don’t have a good place to raise it. Someday I’ll buy a countryhouse and then I’ll turn it into a center for conservation of some species, Tyto alba included.

What do I want that is silly and unrealistic? Happiness?

Actually, I’m going with Jessica Alba. I want her.

I want a life.

Ha ha.

Okay seriously… I just want a studio for me to paint in.

I’ll post mine when she’s Cooled down…

Weren’t you already screamed at for being a creepy little fuck? I see you learned your lesson well. <!–this last bit is sarcasm ok–>

I want people to stop eating shit :smiley: :open_mouth:
and be accepted at some academy, but I have to do something that I currentley dont know how to/cant

Nope, Pierson, the way it type the post before Clicking could of offended the Swedish sisters… kinda forcing to change it…

I think the phase seems better than the oringal, and Makes no sence… Unless you know what her famaly does:

edited to remove any evidence of my mistake HAHAHAHAH

Pierson… Weiila’s Real name is Anja… and I mentioned a Non-RPGC member or Visitor…

I want us all to love each other so that we may have world peace!

Well don’t I look like quite the fool. Sorry. :fungah:

I just express it incorrectly…

I thought I Could smell burning of my self again?

Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

A well paying job.
A girlfriend.
A car. (I’d have to learn how to drive first though…)
Saturn’s collection.
Tiffany Amber Thiessen.
A new computer.

Well… the first thing that popped into my head was more Smarties.

Reminds me of a beauty competition.

Things I’d really want…

All the Cave Arcade games and STs… along with enough money to bribe Cave not to sue me for getting their games where they shouldn’t be <.<

A girlfriend would be really cool too

A job in the gaming industry, anything aside programming

Heck, enough money to run a successful Arcade (All shmups) :smiley:

I think that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

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