What do you think of the new jobs section?

What do you think? Did you look at it? Did you like it? Is there any misinformation there? Anything you think needs to be reorganized, recategorized, remagnetized? Is everything in its place? All the pictures work? They all look good? Is it easy to navigate? Can you find what you want? Any thing that we missed? Need a glass of water? Hot tea? Back massage?

What happened to the THF Mithra’s tail :hyperven:

I doon’t knoow… that’s just the way the pic was when we got it.

You did a great job, man. :sunglasses:

Looks pretty nice, no immediate complaints. You did miss Steel Giant (Worker 8) from FFT though. If I have to be obsessively nitpicky, some other classes are missing as well: Astrologist (Olan), Arc Knight (Zalbag), Princess (Ovelia) and Cleric (Alma), though since none of them are playable (Or are, but not for long), it’s understandable to leave them out.

I’ll have that tea if you don’t mind.

Yeah, we stuck with the characters who you can actually get into your party on a long-term basis. Worker 8 is more of a monster than a job class; everyone else who shares his sort of ability layout (Byblos/Apandas, Ultima Demons, etc.) are monsters.

Fairly nice. I notice a few mistakes here and there, but overall, it’s very nice.

If you notice mistakes, you should tell us about them. :sunglasses: We don’t like mistakes.

Dragoon - YOu have Richard Highwind / Gareth listed as being from FFI instead of 2.

Summoner - Rydia doesn’t have her summons listed (off the top of my head, there was Chocobo, Shiva, Indra/Ramuh, Jinn/Ifrit, Titan, Mist Dragon, Asura, Leviathan, Sylph, Odin, Bahamut, Imp, Bomb, Mage, and Cockatris.)

Ninja - not neccesary, but I’d add at the bottom that Tristam from Mystic Quest dressed like a ninja nad used Shurikens to fight.

I don’t think Tristam dressed as a Ninja… he did use shurikens, but MQ didn’t really have “jobs” at all.

Also, we generally left spells out of magic; i.e. we kept it as “Black Magic”, “White Magic” etc. Summons are included in that.

shrug The rest of the summoners on that page have all their summons listed. http://www.ffcompendium.com/h/jobs/summoner.shtml

Ands as for Tristram, that’s why I’d say leave it as a small note at the bottom of the Ninja page, where there are small notes for almost-examples of that class from certain games.

Ah, I see. Didn’t notice that. You’re right.
We put notes for things which are at least remotely applicable. FFMQ doesn’t really have any Jobs, so putting a note about an FFMQ character which shares an extremely tenuous link with a job is a bit overkill IMO.

Alright then, Ninja withdrawn.

We fear mistakes. They are the enemy. They are the little-death.
Anyway, those are fixed. Thanks, Valk.

Hey guys great job on the job section, well done :smiley:

P.S. I take sugar in my tea :stuck_out_tongue:

Boy, everyone wants tea. No one wants a back massage.

I’ll take that massage. IF you’re a hot looking chick. Otherwise I’ll pass. :hahaha;

Btw, great job on the Job section so far. :cool:

The FFT jobs have a few errors;

Ramza had all the special squire abilities (Yell, Wish, Scream, Cheer, Ultima)

Algus couldn’t use wish/yell/scream/cheer/ultima, but got a few Break Skills instead.

Delita could use Wish along with the regular squire abilities.

And the FFT archer states that Squires could use crossbows, which is untrue.

(I believe Algus was an archer in the battle where he used one?)

No, he was a Squire. I guess it was a special version, though. In any case, looks like you’re right, they can’t equip crossbows.

The other comments are true as well (to clarify, Delita’s only extra ability was Wish; he could use all the other regular abilities too).

As I recall he was a Knight, though I could be wrong.