What do you think of my xenosaga fan fictions?

Hi guys, sorry Im new, so I didn’t know to put this thread here. Anyway I have a couple of Xenosaga stories on this site, in the fanfiction page, under Vanguard Ziggy of course, and I’d like you to tell me what you think of them. The more I know, the better my stories can get. Personally my favorite of my work is Long Ago, but please feel free to let me know.

didnt this get shut down?^ ^

Vanguard, I’d just like to say that it’s for the best that you link us directrly to your stories, or just post them here for us to read. because anyone who frequents this Forum has the attention span of a 2-year-old hopped up on sugar, and will forget to go read it the next time they get a chance.

Thanks, I did not know that when I first put this thread up.

Thanks to you too Sara, for bringing this thread back, hopefully I will now get some more reviews.

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your welcome ^ ^ any thing for my new friend yay!!! the first friendly face!

Lol, have you gone to the fan fiction and read any of them? I’d like to know what you think of them.

http://www.rpgclassics.com/fanfics/other.shtml Just look for Vanguard Ziggy. That goes for everyone else too. This is easier than clicking on each story and sending it.

Genesis Project 2 and 3, as well as Girls night out 2, and A final fantasy 1,2, and 8 story will be published soon, Weiila has them now.

i have faith in you even if no one knows about the thread ^ ^ i will read it ok with you?

Lol, you bet!

ok were are you we have a diffrent time thingy

If You like it, you can click on my user name and email me what you thought.

i cant email people i don’t know ^ ^ sorry

Dear God, i never even noticed the necropost. Yumi -or sara, or whatever- it’s basically considered a bit impolite to revive threads that are several months dead. Especially when you don’t have anything significant or interesting to contribute.

i didn’t pay attention to the time pieriod sorry

I think she has a lot of interesting things to contribute, and I especially am thankful for a new shot of people reading Valkyrie. It helps me to become a better writer.

That’s quite all right Sara, in the long rung of the internet, it is truly better to be safe. Not that Im dangerous or anything, though I am a little odd, Lol.

ya im just scared of certan people!!!no offence i just heard of ya today!!

Nope, I don’t take offense easy, im a fun loving kind of guy.

Well, the necroposting served a good purpose here, so I think it’s alright. Vanguard didn’t get any comments before, now he did :slight_smile:

Thanks chief! Unless you don’t want to be called chief. Of course you are the editor of the fan fiction, so thanks Weiila. Lol :wink:

Editor is fine, though I am also known as the Queen of Fanfiction! cue Laharl laugh