What do you think my last name is?

I’m bored.


Tatamovich, cause it sounds cool.

“You testin mah bitch, tatamovich?”

I’m betting it’s something plain, and boring. Like… Jones. Yeah that’s right, Jones!

Please, this is so obvious. His last name clearly pilot. :mwahaha:

I think it’s time you told us since no one else is venturing a guess.

Yes I was planning on that today in fact.

My last name is Hinson

I have said my last name once on here. In this thread http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showthread.php?t=16986

I voted Wilhelm, 'cause there were no votes on it. ;_;

I knew it was Hinson. You made it too obvious. The rest of the names were too generic or too fantastic, and Hinson seemed the least likely to be made up.

Your last name is “Pilot”


Yeah, that’s why I also voted for Hinson.

Well that was fun. :toast:

I always thought you were a Nagumo