what do you think is the funniest moment in a FF game?

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[b]FF IX:


Zidane is on top of Dagger after using that teleporter thing to get on an enemy airship. [/b]

No, I believe he says that when they are climbing the ladder to the Cargo Ship and he “accidentally” grabs Dagger’s . . . err, soft area. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mako is right. And by the position I’d say it was her butt.

Definately FF1’s “I Garland shall knock you all down.” … ok, maybe not :slight_smile:

I haven’t played any of the FF games for a while… gonna play FF8 again soon… though I did like “I dreamt I was a moron.” that was just too funny. Though I think Phantasy Star IV and Popful Mail had more comedy than any of those… but since this is the FFCompendium, I’ll refrain from any of that :slight_smile:

All of my favourite scenes are from the Woohlyismified Final Fantasy VI. Who can resist the ‘Thou-scene’, 'Son of a submariner, ‘Ahem! There’s sand on my boots’, and so on?

I would have to go with the FFX line “When I grow up I want to be a blitzball”. Just a typo, but still cool!!

that was good i guess but it wasn’t that funny

I liked that part in FF9 too. I sometimes laughed at the way Kimari would look at Zidane when he’d do or say something dumb… And that part when Seymore just asked Yuna to get hitched, he says to Auron “the guado are keen to the scent of the farplane” then Tidus starts sniffing Auron… so Auron just pushes him away and walks on. i loved that part…

I also found it funny how Laguna was like “Okay, i’m NOT going to talk about myself” and ends up talking about nothing els but himself. then when Julia brings up her idea’s he’s all like " Uh huh… okay… yeah"

How is the blitzball line a typo?

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I liked that part in FF9 too. I sometimes laughed at the way Kimari would look at Zidane when he’d do or say something dumb…


I thought Edgar flirting with Terra was hysterical. Also the first time Terra uses magic in a battle with Edgar and Locke, their reaction still makes me laugh till I cry. Not to mention the “Body builder who strayed too far from the gym,” line about Sabin.

Another part that I foud funny was in FF4, was Cid’s comment to Edge, “Rydia sure has you whiped, boy.”


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I was meaning when Zidan grabbed Dagger’s ass climbing up to the cargo ship. I kinda merged two idea’s together in one sentance, and confused two main characters name int he process like i sometimes do. Wait till i call Squall Cloud.


Edgar and Locke swooning, by miles :hahaha; :hahaha;

Next up would be “ooh soft” and the honey bee inn sequence :wink:

This isn’t actually a moment, but something I found funny is the fact that in FFVII you can get “critical misses” during battle.

You can get critical misses in every game in which you can make a critical hit.

You can make a hit or a miss.
You can make a critical hit or a critical miss.

The wedding scene in Conde Petie between Dagger and Zidane was pretty funny too, especially when you proposed that Quina and Vivi get married. 8)

And of course, there’s the classic;

Galuf: Great… who’s idea was it anyway to steal a $@&% pirate ship?


What was so funny about that ?

I think that might have been sadistic irony. Or ironic sadism. :wink:

if we’re going for other typos, “off course” has to be in there. If you’re going to translate a game, at least ensure that SOMEONE has the language you’re translating it to as their first language… :wink:

facepalms I didn’t see it… i’m still half asleep…