What do you think about Final Fantasy XI???

Wow, I don’t think there was THIS much controversy since FFVIII. Now that I think of it, FFXI actually makes FFVIII look traditional.

I’m going to wait until the game is actually FINISHED until I decide, let alone whehter I play it or not. It’s in Beta for a reason.

If anything i;d get the PC version. I dont feel like buying a HD for my PS2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I said that before i am just going to buy the pc version. It will probaly run better on my comp than on my PS2.

there was a post in the main rpgc forum about a week ago with alot of info in it from <forgets name> that’s if ur willing to look thru the archives

I’ll take a look at it when it comes out. If my computer’s okay, the game gets good reviews, people actually play it, and my brother agrees to split the monthly fee, then I might get it. I’m not into MMORPGs as much as most people, but I don’t hate them outright.

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I hope to try it when it reaches the UK. Do you guys have online PS2 in the US already?

i think ps2 online has been out in america for quite a while now, it even is in england now, though I’m not too sure whether to get it. I think the one thing that would make me get it is if ff11 came to England but even that doesn’t look definite at the moment. I wouldn’t be able to get it for my pc without having to update my graphics card.

I was so mad when I heard FFXI was going to be online. I didn’t read some of the posts on here, so I’m still clueless if there’s going to be a fee. Probably is . . . . I heard a rumor though that Square is already into FFXII. Is that true?

that is true - u can find the first image they released of the new game on the internet - ill try and find for u

Awww, u is so nice. Thanks! ^.^

k just to clear stuff up with you :slight_smile:

FFXI has been out since september 2002 in japan for PS2 (or there abouts)
FFXI was released on PC around May 2003, in japan (i think)
FFXI NA is being released in october 2003 and is shipping with ‘vision of zkahtaksus<whatever>’, which is the FFXI addon.
it’ll cost 12 dollars a month to play, i think, and 50 cents for extra chars.
also i couldn’t count of this reaching europe/PAL until mid or late 2004, if at all. i live in the UK and i’m planning to import ASAP, and most people i know imported JP afew months ago.
to play with the PS2 you need to purchase the PS2 Harddrive, which is being released early 2004, along with NA FFXI for PS2

the system for jobs will be like FF5 and Tactics Orge style, you can switch between any, but more like FF5 because you can use a ‘sub-job’ when you reach lv15 and complete a quest, which means i could, for example, be a black mage with a whitemage sub-job, so i could white and black magic :stuck_out_tongue:

www.ffxionline.com if you need anymore information to be honest.

for images and other stuff;
www.mitchell.nildram.co.uk/FF11/ :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope this game doesn’t become yet another giant “Who’s got the biggest sword?” contest.