What do you think about Final Fantasy XI???

Well I know for a fact if you are a ff fan you know about FFXI. So I have started this thread to see what you think about it, about the job system anything that has to do with the game that you heard about. What I cant wait for is the job system, I know it has been done before but online it just seems cooler so discuss.

I never did redicule Square for it’s games . . . but ever since FFIX, evrerything started to screw up. They removed ATB in FFX, FFX-2 totally baffles me, and FFXI is MMO?

I think Square should start another FF series if they want it to be MMO, not continue it. sigh, I miss the classics :frowning:

Yeah, I definitely don’t think that it should be FFXI. I think it should be FF Online.

Any news on monthly fee’s and other needed equipment ?

Ask Mr. Saturn, he’s got the beta.

Yea, I’m not much into Pay to Play online gamming or the MMORPG thing, so I can’t really say I’m excited about this. I agree, it shouldn’t even be FFXI (especially with an FFXII coming out…).

Despite the obvious appeal of a Final Fantasy being online, I have to wonder what will be make this game stand out amongst the rest?

There’s no doubt i would play it, so long as it isnt too expensive, and there isnt a monthly fee. The only MMORPG i can play is Diablo 2, and then only 10 minutes worth before i lag out of B.net my ISP sucks. I really dont know of many MMORPG’s that you dont have to pay for… tried Ultima on-line for like… 10 minutes… and not since.

I’m looking foreward to the game. Even though it will be online and everything, the franchise has to grow and it’s not like there won’t be another FF. Also a lot of people I know around the internet are playing so it will be fun to play games with them and not just chat like usual.

I honestly don’t know whether or not we’ll see another of the Final Fantasy games that we’re used to. In an article from IGN PS2, the producer FFXII said, “We’d like to make something so fresh that fans find themselves feeling, ‘Is this Final Fantasy?’”. I’m personally worried about that. I mean, we’ve got games like FFXI and FF:CC, the last normal FF we’ve had was FFX, and even that had significant changes from the norm…

I feel the same way. FF’s getting too far away from their roots. I must say stat I don’t mind the changes to FFX except the absense of an overworld. I agree that Square should have called FFXI, FF Online though mainly because it will be the only FF I won’t play. There’s no way I’ll pay for it (or buy extra equipment). I’m not much into online gaming anyway.

From what i heard you have to have a hard just to play the game and i think you cant buy one seperately, you have to buy one of the new PS2 systems that come with it I dont know about that though. But I also think I heard that it is also on computer so I may just buy it for my comp and be happy with that, cause I got dsl and that will probaly help. But I agree with most of you they shouldnt call it FFXI FF online should be the name, but who are we but their loyal and dying fans to guess what Squaresoft should name there games.

I have the beta as well… the price is month to month I believe about $10… not positive though.

As for the game, I like it a lot. Though it should just be called Final Fantasy Online and not continue with the numbers (much like Phantasy Star did with Phantasy Star Online and not name it Phantasy Star V)

I don’t think FFXI is going to be as good of a seller as the other FF’s were. If it’s online, it usually has a cost to play per month.

Originally posted by JFGemini107
I don’t think FFXI is going to be as good of a seller as the other FF’s were. If it’s online, it usually has a cost to play per month.

In Japan that has already proved true; FFXI has not sold as well as the other FFs. But in America online games seem to prevail much more than they do in other countries. From what I have heard though, it is expensive to get FFXI up and running unless you get the PC version. At least then all you have to worry about is the monthly fee.

IMO it all went downhill from 7, 8 was okay, 9 was okay, 10 was okay. Okay is, well, OKAY but for me 7 wasn’t okay, it was:
“Holy shit this rocks.”

I hope to try it when it reaches the UK. Do you guys have online PS2 in the US already?

I’m going to hold out on forming an opinion, until I have played the game itself. So until then, I’m undecided whether it was a good or a bad move by Square to try an online FF.

Behold, a wise man speaketh.

Note to all, FF XI will be the first FF since VIII to actually have a PC version!

If you have a PC, no need to buy extra equipment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The one thing I am miffed about though is…

Player vs. player combat is disallowed! WAAAH!!! I wanted to be a dark knight that beat up on paladin pussys! WAAAAH!

Well that kind of sucks, cause when i get it i was going to be a paladin, and get a kick out of kicking dark knights asses. But now i cant noooooooooooooooo::doh::