What do you have for breakfast?

Actually, the cheap-ass wine is good. It basically tastes like your everyday juice with a little more of an aftertaste.

Holy shit, I did that once too! Then I bitched about being banned from the chat for an undeterminable amount of time!

You guys know me too well.

I was kinda kidding. I just don’t like wine.

There are some good breakfast drinks though. Here are three of my favorites.

Screwdriver - Standard vodka in orange juice.

Mimosa - Champagne and orange juice. Mmmmm…

Coffee with Bailey’s Irish Creme - Alcohol and caffeine.

Tilo Tea or Coffee. That’s all.

I enjoy two crisp slices of buttered toast, partnered with a meat staple such as a couple sausage patties or several pieces of sizzling bacon (preferably both). I also have fluffy, light cheese-coasted scrambled eggs with a glass of milk or orange juice.

stomach grumbles

Normally i have anything left overs from dinner the previous night, or somthing microwaveable. I also have a tall glass of milk with it. The majority of the time its cold pizza. I absolutely hate cereal, I absolutely hate it, its my last resort.

I also eat 15 year olds from Michigan.

I was thinking of trying those, but then I realized i’m 19 and… wait… too much information.

You are gross.

The man speaks truth!

I usually have pop-tarts for breakfast during the week if school’s in session. On the weekends, I usually don’t eat breakfast or lunch and just have a big dinner to compensate.

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast? where the hell did you get that idea, the jerk store?!

… Breakfast? Whuzzat?

I eat a 3 egg omelet with ham, turkey and spinach on it.

I didn’t get my dad’s stomach for alcohol. I can hardly take any before I’m dizzy =\

The reason I mentioned those three drinks as breakfast specific is because they’re not strong. They’re meant to be light and tasty so you can drink them with a meal. When you combine them with food, you’re lucky if you even feel the alcohol.

As far as not handling a lot, you’re only 18. You have about 3 years to increase your tolerance before you need to worry about it.

just a cup of really strong coffee. and if I’ve got a hangover/headache some whisky to clear up a bit

I’m glad to hear a lot of you don’t eat anything for breakfast either. I just don’t feel hungry when I first wake up. If my mom forces me, I have some sort of baked good (donut, muffin, sticky bun, pound cake, etc.) with a big glass of milk, or Carnation Instant Breakfast if we have it.

This is not to say I don’t like breakfast food. If we go to brunch, I either get French (or should that be Freedom?) toast or pancakes with eggs and bacon.

I FILTER FEED…its fun ^^ no not really, I just dont eat breakfast, I drink an ice cold Perriere and Im off ----->

Biscuits and Gravy with Sausage chunks is a traditional southern breakfast. Ya know, FYI.

For those of you who complain about being overweight but don’t eat breakfast, that’s part of your problem. Eating a big breakfast in the morning jump starts your metabolism and helps you burn more energy during the day. Sustaining it with a medium sized lunch and a small dinner will slow your metabolism down and help make you hungry for another breakfast.

I lost 30lbs in about 2 years simply by cutting out soda and eating breakfast. Sure, “30 lbs in 2 years? That’s not very good at all!” keep in mind that over the course of 2 years I’ve completely changed my eating habits; as a result, that 30 lbs isn’t coming back. Now I’m working on eating better foods and excersising more, so in about a year I estimate being at the weight I want to be at and have a nice well shaped body that I’m comfortable with.

I had some rose tea which I had to make in a MUG since my tea pot exploded the other night. sob Toast with cheese, and a bowl of oatmeal.

Speakig of food, lunch time!