What do you have for breakfast?

I have cereal. Honey coated shreddies.

I had blueberry oatmeal and a cup of hot chocalet( spelt wrong probably) that had marshmellows in it.

Souls of the damn’d.

And a bowl of Lucky Charms. Sugarrrrrr. :slight_smile:

Coffee is my breakfast.

You’re 20, and don’t know how to spell chocolate?

That’s what I was thinking.

Cereal, usually Total Honey Oats or whatever it’s called. It’s got more vitamins and minerals than pretty much any other cereal on the market. Plus it tastes just amazing.

French toast and a glass of milk

A big box of packing peanuts

Babies dipped in the blood of vermin.

Normally I have toast, usually with cheese. Last week I had something called ‘Tiger Power’ which is some sort of energy food for kids. Thing is, I think it worked.

Usually a cheese, tomato and onion toastie, today I got up late so had a ready-made chicken biriyani out of the freezer instead.

I rarely eat breakfast, and if I do its usually a bowl of cereal.

But what kind of cereal.


The usual. I stole some money from my mom’s purse, went out and bought a bottle of alcohol from the local supermarket before swinging by the garage where i work. I grabbed my snowboard from the closet (i left it there the night before), went home and waxed it for the next proffessional competition as i sat and ate some cheerios.

if there aren’t any waffles, i steal some of my mom’s cheap-ass wine.
(i’m serious)

I used to eat a lot of biscuits and gravy. This coney island i went to had great biscuits and gravy

Now I don’t eat it anymore because I have to watch my weight. Not that i’m fat, i’m just at that age when you have to watch it

Wine for breakfast? Gross.

Beer is much better in the morning.

holy shit u too?

No, dude, you stole some AOL disks and went to a cinema and hurled them around. Stop lying >=(