What do I need to play Ragnarok Online?

The main site (it’s www.ragnarokonline.com, isn’t it?) isn’t very helpful. Besides the minimal system requirements presented there, what else do I need to play, like minimal bandwith, are account paid or free & stuff…

It’s an open beta so it’s currently free. As for bandwidth, you could play on 56k, but it would lag even worse. So cable, but it’s not needed if you like lag.

Originally posted by Epicgamer
It’s an open beta so it’s currently free.

Do you think it’ll stay like that for long? I don’t wanna sign up this month just to have to pay in the next month n’ stuff.

They’re still only PLANNING the alternate second classes in the Korean Beta right now, so it should be Beta here for quite some time.

And of course you have to download the 500MG file which is what’s keeping me from playing it.

Also, you seem to need DX9.0 (And handle a 500MB download)

But trust me, that game is friggin’ good.

I can play, and I have Direct X 8.1a or something…

You pretty much just need highspeed internet access. A nice load of ram and a decent graphics card couldn’t hurt either.

is there anywhere else that the download can be found? the site in ren’s post is either down or nonexistant…

Lunaris has informed me (Because I was very interested in this specfically :P) that you don’t necesarily need high speed internet. He’s on a 26.4KBPS connection, and he says he doesn’t lag nearly as much as most people on dialups. So if you have dialup, and don’t mind downloading it, perhaps it’s worth it to try your luck.