What courses are you taking this year?

Self explanatory topic.

I’m taking the following courses: (ordered by increasing time)

1st Semester:

Understanding Canadian Law (History course) (University/Academic level)
Functions and Relations (Math course) (University/Academic level)
Grade 11 Chemistry (Science course) (University/Academic level)
Spare (empty period)

2nd Semester:

Parenting (Career studies course) (Balanced level)
English Literature (English course) (University/Academic level)
Functions (Math course) (University/Academic level)
Introduction to Photography (Art course) (Balanced level)

I’d find the course codes, and I’m way too lazy.

We already had a thread like this back when school started.

I couldn’t help letting out a “guffaw” after seeing your course load for the year.

Guffaw as in choking on the light course work? Or guffaw in some other sense?


Damn Setz, didn’t take you very long to get back to making threads now did it?

You couldn’t make this thread a month ago when everyone was starting school so you decided to make it now despite the fact that the reason you couldn’t make it a month ago was because YOU MAKE TOO MANY THREADS.