What can you make out of fire, water, air and earth?

At least a hundred different things, it turns out.

(No Captain Planet jokes, please.)

Dammit. That take all the fun right out of the thread.

[STRIKE]Oh well, at least I can still say “Warriors! You must revive the power of the ORBS!”[/STRIKE]

Nah. Not funny enough.

ooh this is pretty cool. though some things dont really make that much sense. oO snake + fire = ash? I guess that happens if you burn pretty much anything… <.<

Some of these are funny. Life + Tree = Treant . Life + Clay = Golem

Although Stone + Life = Egg is very wierd.

Dragon + Dragon should’ve made Double Dragon :frowning:

Water + Dinosaur should have made Leviathan

Human + Vodka = Alcoholic
Human + Human = Sex


It all makes sense now.

I wished for a swamp ghost. didn’t work though :frowning:

Did you at least get some poo gas out of it?

You can’t make Captain planet with just those four anyways. You’re missing heart.

HEART! :smiley:

Yeah I got all the badges for this on Kongregate. It took a couple hours though.

Lovin’ Hades’ new name

How come everybody get new name but me?

It should have been an easter egg. Life + Water + Fire + Earth + Air = Captain Planet.

you’re welcome.

Cause you never ask anyone who can do it.

Ask and you’ll gut