What Brand of Metal do you like?

So what one?

"I don’t give a crap about the kind of metal I just LOVE all metal.And rock.Like Black Sabbath.And Queen.EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF ROCK EVER ROCKS!!!Soft,metal,arena every SINGLE type EVER!

Steel (I’ll stop posting on this forum forever if somebody knows what I really mean)

Not that interested in metal. I like rock and roll, pop, and some jazz/swing/R&B

Uhh… the last that I checked metal doesn’t come in “brands.”

This thread is untr00. It’s false! :moogle:


Does that help?

Noman, is it Sacred Steel (lucky guess)?

As Frank Zappa would put it, there are two kinds of music: Good music and bad music. I like the first one.

Well then would you just classify black,heavy,hair etc. metal as it’s own genre? Or would you just classify it as brands under the metal genre?

A brand is a name of a company put on products to judge the retail price for them. That has nothing to do with music. You would call thrash and black metal sub-genres of metal, not brands.

And I agree with the whole “good music band music” statement, I think genres get fucking ridiculous, especially with metal. HOWEVER the use of labeling different types of music makes it easier for someone who likes one band to find another band who plays a similar style.

Of course they are useful for communicating what you like and finding similar bands. I just couldn’t answer the question as expected, because it assumes there is one answer. I like different bands from the whole spectrum of metal.

But as an attempt to nominate genres that don’t embarass me with overwhelming mediocrity, I’ll say post-black metal and prog metal. The first one has (or had a few years ago) really interesting experimenting bands and in the second one, when one deducts the Dream Theater/Fates Warning/Queensryche clones, there remain some sweet bands like Pain of Salvation, Psychotic Waltz etc.

Hot damn, Fates Warning and Queensryche are killer. \m/