What are your top 3 games of all time?

Haven’t seen this, at least in a long long time.

Final Fantasy Tactics-Huge complex story with a large amount of well developed characters. Delita is one of my all time favorite game characters.

MGS4-No other game ever messed with my emotions like MGS4 did. No game has approached it’s scope and style of storytelling, and probably never will.

Legend of Zelda-The first game I ever finished.

Valkyria Chonicles - Amazing game. I loved the art, the story, the music, the gameplay. A most definate 11 out of 10 game in my book.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Old Snake! I really enjoyed the way this game cleared up some loose ends from other games and provided some new and shocking ones like who Snake’s Mom is. The series keeps getting better with age.:hahaha;

Star Craft: Brood War - I’ve spent well over 1000 hours on this game and it’s still something I can go back to playing with ease. I’ve enjoy Blizzard artwork, but the scifi theme is especially appealing.

Note: While I’m excited about SCII, I’m not sure if it will be able to fill the original and Brood War’s shoes for me well enough.

Chu-Chu Rocket - This game has kept me busy for years so far (off and on of course). I love the graphics, I love the sound, and I love the challenge. Sega needs to get off their asses and make an updated version.

Super Metroid
- Do I really need an explanation for this? This is one of the few games I played over and over again despite already playing through it and completing 100%. I love that game.

Frogger - This is the first game I ever played. I never got too far in it, but I like everything about the original. I wish I had a portable version for my DS or cell phone.

Honourable mentions:

Chrono Trigger
Katamari Damacy
…I’ll stop here.

Dragon Quarter, and Street Fighter 2, and Mega Man.

…Wow, I really didn’t think they’d be all Capcom games. How odd.

FUCK! Street Fighter 2 is definitely on my list… How about a top four??

Chrono Trigger - It is Chrono Trigger. Do I need more of a reason than that?

Mega Man X - I’ve beaten this game inside and out more times than is probably healthy and I could do it again tomorrow and still have fun. My proudest achievement is playing through the whole game and getting everything - every tank, every upgrade, even the hadoken - in a single sitting. I do buster-only runs nowadays to make it more of a challenge. Maybe I’ll try a no-heart-tanks run next.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - This was the first MegaTen game that I played for more than a few minutes, and it sold me on the series. I’ve sunk more hours total into this game than any other (with Disgaea coming in a close second). I’ve been meaning to give it another run.

Honorable mentions: Earthbound, Disgaea, Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Super Metroid, Persona 3 and 4.

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past
Star Fox (original or 64)
And Secret of Mana


Final Fantasy 9

Planescape: Torment

Deus Ex (just awesome :P)

Man… I know everyone has their own preferences… but does any MGS really deserve to be on a top anything list? …Really? I refuse to believe you guys haven’t played at least half a dozen way better games :stuck_out_tongue:

This question is actually really hard to narrow down to just three.

FF6 is the only obvious choice. Everything else is pretty much tied for second :stuck_out_tongue:

The game I’ve probably logged the most hours on is Brood War, but I don’t FEEL like it belongs on this list either.

The Megaman SERIES is one of the best there is, but I don’t think any individual game in it makes the cut. X6 is the closest.

Chrono Trigger? No. It just didn’t have enough scope or emotional clout to really stick its claws in me. I’ve played through it a few times, but I’ll probably never understand the legendary status it has in some peoples’ minds. It’s not THAT good :confused: Unless you’re comparing it to its sequel.

FF7? Maybe. I don’t want to list two Square games, especially two consecutive Final Fantasies, but all bullshit aside, Square really did have the entire gaming world by the balls for a really long time.

Shinobi? Maybe. It’s probably the hardest game I’ve ever played, and the one I was most excited to finally beat on its hardest setting. It was real, skill-based challenge, too. You couldn’t win with luck. You had to be GOOD. The game that lives in the shadow of the popular-but-comparatively-easy Ninja Gaiden.

Secret of Evermore: Probably the best arpg of all time. I don’t get the feeling I can’t think of three games I like more though.

The Original LoZ: This game was THE SHIT when I was little. But it didn’t have enough depth to really get me attached to it. It was mostly a puzzle game. It was fun the same way Sudoku is fun, but it doesn’t have enough staying power to be one of my top three games.

Mario64: When it first came out, I was awed with the graphics and gameplay in a way that no other game has come close to recreating. I had dreams about owning it that I felt like shit waking up from. I didn’t want to include any classic Nintendo games since most of them fall nicely into the good-but-not-great category, but I might not be able to get away with shunning this one. The most revolutionary game of all time. But I don’t like things just for being revolutionary, it’s also a damn good game regardless.

SF2: I completely understand why some people would include this, but personally… A 2d, 1v1, side scrolling fighter can only entertain a single player for so long. Probably the second-best competitive game next to Starcraft. Not on my top 3 though.

Suikoden II: Maybe. It’s the only game I’ve ever played that had such a huge scope without being all save-the-world-y. The perfect adventure/tactics hybrid RPG.

FFT: I have to comment on this since someone brought it up. I loathe this game. I loathe the fact that people mistake its shitty writing for depth and nuance. I loathe the fact that only a few character builds are viable and most of the skills are absolutely worthless, which is the shittiest way to handle a “tactical” battle system, ever. I loathe the fact that the one-on-one battle with Weigraf is literally impossible to beat unless you exploit every shitty battle glitch in the game, and even then it’s almost entirely luck-based. In fact, for a tactics game, there’s an absurd amount of luck involved that just shouldn’t be there. You can choose where to move, who to attack, and what to attack with. But the turn you attack on, your hit%, and the damage you do have almost nothing to do with any visible stats and are in no way predictable, except for a turns list that has a nasty habit of shuffling itself after almost every turn. The story is slow, un-engaging, and poorly presented. The gameplay involves repeating the same 20-30 minute fights until you get lucky enough to win. You can grind, but it won’t help; the enemies level up faster than you do (and why are there levels in a tactics game anyway?). This might just be the worst game I’ve ever played. Whew :open_mouth:

Anyway, I think my final list would be:

  1. Final Fantasy VI
  2. Shinobi
  3. Mario64 or Suikoden II

I can’t really decide. I feel like there’s a lot I’m forgetting about. There are so many good games out there.

How the hell am I supposed to narrow it down to 3? :-/ If I had to choose, I’d go with…

Mario 64
Fallout 3
Civilization 3

As they’re the ones I’ve probably put the most amount of hours into.

I’m going to have to disagree with basically everything you’ve said about FFT.

As far as story goes all I can really say is, different strokes for different folks.

I don’t know why people always whine about the Weigref fight. The last few times i played through i found it to be a breeze. And the last time I played i made sure to be under leveled and to not exploit much of anything(spamming yell). And it still really was not that hard.

As far as saying that your damage and hit % are random is just silly. Your damage is based on your Physical attack stat and Brave(in some cases). And I believe your Hit % is also mostly reliant on your Brave as well. That doesn’t seem to complicated to understand.

Anyway on to my list.


I couldn’t really settle on a 3rd game.

It’s not the stats that bother me. It’s that during an actual battle it’ll say I’m gonna do, for example, 100 damage with an 80% chance to hit. But when that character actually attacks, he’ll either miss or do like 20 damage half the time, even though nothing has changed. The numbers just straight up lie to you. It’s the same with the turns list. I can look at it all I want, but the fact of the matter is, even if it says I’m gonna cast a spell in 2 turns, sometimes I’ll be waiting 5 or 6 extra, the target will have moved, and a whole bunch of random shit comes into play. Not a good system for a tactics RPG. In order to be strategic, there has to be some degree of predictability. FFT doesn’t really have that.

You can’t really argue that 90% of the abilities are garbage… They just really undeniably are :confused:

And I’m not really complaining about the story itself. Just the fact that the poor technical abilities of the writers are often mistaken for brilliance. I can’t comment on the story because it was so poorly presented that I’m not really sure what any of it was. The only thing that I am sure of is that it’s not because it was deep.

FF7. Possibly due to the fact that I played it before I played FF6, I found it more enjoyable. 6 is interesting, but I found then and find now, even on my most recent playthrough that most of the characters are bland. It does have a better villain than 7, and a more interesting betrayal, but I find that most characters in 7 tend to have more revealed about their characters. To be honest, both games lack a lot in the actual ‘development’ part of the characters, most of them start off a certain way and continue to be that way throughout the game. In 6, Terra, Celes (kind of) and Locke only receive development, the rest just have more revealed about their characters. Not to say this is bad, or anything, but I found 7 did a better job of it overall. I found the deaths in both games equally tragic, and preferred the atmosphere in 7.

Also, the Turks. snaps fingers.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. While I recognise LttP is probably better, I still prefer LA. Probably due to nostalgia, I played it when I were but a wee lad and the ending made me baw. :frowning: Still does.

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Legend!

…nah I’m just jossing ya. The music still kicks ass, though.

I think I’m gonna say HL2. I just loved everything about it.

Chrono Trigger
Super Mario World
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VI: what Hades said. Turned me into a gamer and an RPG fan.

Xenogears. Suikoden II. Street Fighter II. SMB I and III. Tough to pick an order.

MGS IV was pretty amazing.

Wow, that’s a tough one…

Super Metroid - Gila covered it. It’s Super-fucking-Metroid.

Mega Man 2 - I can go back and replay this start to finish over and over again. I’ll never get tired of it.

Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy VI - I’m cheating, it’s a tie. I just can’t decided which of the two deserves the #3 spot, so they both get it.

Lunar- The first game I ever finished. Made me love RPGs.
Sonic 2- The game of my young childhood
BoF3- I just really loved this game.

I know, not the best games ever made. But good memories!

Originally Posted by Hades Shinigami
Man… I know everyone has their own preferences… but does any MGS really deserve to be on a top anything list? …Really? I refuse to believe you guys haven’t played at least half a dozen way better games :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one’s legitimate enough since it wasn’t bogged down with cut-scenes/mind-screws like the other games were (though with Twin Snakes on the other hand I’d have a bone to pick there).

The Megaman SERIES is one of the best there is, but I don’t think any individual game in it makes the cut. X6 is the closest.

This on the other hand is hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Final Fantasy VI- The game that drew me into the RPG world

Final Fantasy Tactics- I’m still waiting for a true sequel to the series. No more of this little kid Tactics “Advance” shit.

Disgaea- FFT with humor? I’m sold!