What are you taking?

For your school crouses? I’m supose to get my schudel soon.

I can predict the outcome of my school schedule to a near 100%

Quebec Literature
Mythos and Mythologies
Esthetic and Literary Movements II (I flunked that one last semester…you know, it’s one of those courses where if you are not in 100% agreement with the teacher, you flunk)
Rhythmic Excercise (a fancy name for Aerobics, I flunked because I didn’t show up 3 times without an excuse. Yeah, it’s a weird rule, and the SA is trying to fight it, but meh)
Drama Writing
English : Oral Communication (The course where, even if I’m in the highest level of english you can be, I will still end up getting an approximate 100% if I actually bother to do the work)

well, let’s see if I can remember everything

American Government
Creative Writing

I think that was about it… can’t remember if I have anything else this year or not…

American Governement. Basically, you learn the foundations on how Bush managed to get elected or something? That SHOULD be a class to take in high school or college.

A “Special” kind of Math class.
Advanced English
Canadian History (ugh…)
Physically Active Lifestyle (kinda like a gym course you HAVE to take)/ Career and Life Management (this two coinside with each other)
And Co-op which is a class where you go to some work place that you’re interested in and get job experience. I stupidly signed up for Graphics Designing and not Animal Studies ;_;

But out of all of them, my Free Class is the one I look forward to most.

Grade 12 University Data Management
Grade 12 University Geometry
Grade 12 University English
Grade 12 University Writer’s Craft
Grade 12 University Law
Grade 12 University Psychology

Easy year. I can pass the Maths and Law no problem. Englishes will require a bit of work. I’m really only scared about 12UPsychology.


Computer Applications

I am almost at the point of graduation, so I only need to take a few credits this year in order to minor in English linguistics and obtain enough credits for my bachelor of arts degree (my major is mediaeval studies). I hope to work part time whilst I go to school this year.

  1. Structure of Modern English. This is an English linguistics course. It sounds rather boring, but it is a requirement. I already know the professor who is teaching my section and she does not assign very much work. This course runs from September through April.

  2. Old English (also known as Anglo-Saxon; English spoken before 1100 C.E.). In the autumn, I will be learning the structure and grammar of Old English, and the spring term will focus on literature (Beowulf, the Battle of Maldon, the Seafarer, the Hymn of Caedmon, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle), which I will read in the original language.

I will also be writing my GREs (graduate entrance exams) this year and applying to graduate schools and for scholarships accessible to me. I am a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, an academic society, so I have access to many scholarships which non-members do not.

Greek I - my first semester of ancient Greek!
Sociology I - to fulfill a breadth requirement
Economics I - M(i)(a)croeconomics - to fulfill a breadth requirement
German 17 - a one-credit conversation course one hour a week. I couldn’t fit in a full German course because they’re all scheduled at the same time as Greek I. This is one of the disadvantages of a small college.
Comp. Sci (something or other) - don’t remember the course title, but it’s a low-level course where we’ll be working with Java.

English I - stupid goddamn piece of…this is to fulfill a requirement. I could take English II, but I sampled it last year and it’s worthless to me (as is English I). By taking this course I can prove to the head English professor that the university’s English requirement does not achieve its unstated objectives. Yes, I waited 'til sophomore year to start picking fights with the English department. I consider that restrained behavior.


English Writing Course… (Gonna cheat with my fanfiction if possible :p)
English Final Preparation Course…
Art diploma course…
Swedish… (maybe)
History/Law/COmmunity Knowledge thingy
Drama if I manage to lose this clowny attitude…

Japanese 1001 - Basic Japanese, first year course. The teacher I got is supposed to be really good.

Astronomy 1110, Honors- PoliSci required I took another science so yeah. Physics got me interested in astronomy, so I decided to take it.

Philosophy 1000- Gen ed philosophy class. Shouldn’t be too bad.

English 1102- English composition- the 2nd mandatory English class at UGA. (ACT scores got me out of English 1101).

Honors 1000- Just an intro to the Honors program thingy. It’s an 8 week pass/fail seminar.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Don’t know my classes yet. Bah.

Same here. ;__; I’ll post when I get them though! :yipee:

CHEM 205: General chemistry
MATH 204: Vectors and matrices
PHYS 204: Mechanics
PHYS 224: Intro the experimental mechanics
ENCS 282: Technical writing

I still can’t figure out why you need chemistry in computer science, I can understand the physics, its a stretch, but still… chemistry on the other hand?!?

I’m basically stuck doing physics and math for the next year since I got a 3 year computer science degree in CEGEP instead of a 2 year science degree, but once I do that I’ll get something like a year and a half automatically credited so I’ll be able to just skip the introductory courses and jump right into the electives like Management of Evolving Systems and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Psych is uber easy. So is G-chem.

My schedule for fall quarter is looking mellow. Im probably taking Physics, Cell biology, human physiology, 2 research labs, genetics tutoring (note 1 quarter =10 weeks). I was planning on taking something else, maybe an upper division lab or a satellite. Ill have to look at whatever modifications have been made to the schedule up to now. Its really annoying when the class you want overlaps with other stuff you gotta do. Most of my hard stuff`s done since all I have left for the next 4 quarters are 3 bio satellites (upper div classes) , 3 upper div bio labs, 3 physics, 1 BS international studies class, 4 normal bio classes(+research+clinical volunteering).

This is my school scedule

P.1: English
P.2: Algebra
P.3: W. Geography
P.4: P.E Football 1st seimester/P.E Track and Feild 2nd seimester
P.5: Journalism
P.6: Theatre Arts
P.7: Lunch

And after lunch, I go home. High School hours are 7:30-2:30.

Woah. Lunch, then leave. That sounds cool. : D

Yeah, but lunch then football practice after school…ooo…:eek:

English 1050 Honors, it’s the UGA Honors equivalent of 1102.

Anthropology 1101(?) Honors

Economics 2106 (Microeconomics)

Russian 1001

Honors 1000