What are YOU going to do for MLK Day?

…So, what are you going to be doing? Probably chill and eat some barbeque, be happy that the dude made my life easier for all the stuff he did, but I know there’s someone here who’s going to do something really awe-inspiring to celebrate, right?

What is MLK Day?

Edit: Oh, Martin Luther King Day. We do not celebrate that in Canada.

Martin Luther King day, I’m assuming. I’ll be working.

Well, I didn’t want to write out the whole thing.

Hmm, shouldn’t be surprised it isn’t celebrated in Canada. In a seperate, totally off-topic note, I had to look up the Revolutionary War yesterday and found out the Americans actually attacked Quebec once back then, it was interesting to me at least…wonder why they did anyway.

Because they wanted to conquer Canada; because America has from the start been an imperealstic hellhole.

No, not because they wanted to conquer Canada. I’m not sure, but I think that Canada was almost completely British at this point. It wouldn’t make sense to attack Quebec if it was as French as it was today (mainly because the French were our allies). I wouldn’t say that America was imperialistic from the beginning, Arac, especially since leaders like George Washington thought it would be best for us to stay out of everyone else’s business. Why nobody listened to him is anyone’s guess.

Actually, Quebec has pretty much always been French. Most French farmers made their farms along the St. Lawrence River for easy transportation and water accessability. The Brits are too good to be farmers :stuck_out_tongue:

It was in 1775, Benedict Arnold and General Montgomery crossed Maine and Lake Champlain (respectivly) in an effort to pull the Canadians into the Revolutionary War on the American side. I guess the idea was to liberate the Canadians from the British rule and then they’d repay the edebt by helping liberate the Americans from British rule as well. Arnold got there first and attacked in November, but he was repelled. Montgomery got there in December, so Arnold and Montgomery attacked from both sides. The outer walls of the Montreal Garrison were breached, but Arnold was wounded and Montgomery was killed, so the armies retreated and the Brits captured the Americans inside the walls.

As for what I’m going to do for MLK day, probably nothing important.

Thank God, for years I’ve been the only person I know who says this. I’ve seen nothing but crap coming out when America goes into other people’s business.

Get ready for school on Tuesday. Too cold to do anything outside, really. :\

The same thing I do every other day before school starts: nothing.

That’s actually quite funny. I live in San Diego and it’s about 70 degrees(Fahrenheit) here, I guess that’s about 25 Celsius?

Nothing much. I may just read a book.

I’m planning on doing homework. In reality: Playing video games.


Sit in my room and browse the internet.

Does anyone really have MLKJr. day off? Besides the bank and post office?

I’ll be playing WoW. Might go to HuHot.

Good grief, working, what else? My cheapass company hasn’t scheduled a holiday until Memorial Day.

Drink MLK, of course.

Edit: And love LIF.