What are you giving this year?

We’re all kind of grown up now, so getting gifts isn’t really what happens anymore. So, in the adult holdiay spirit, what are you guys getting friends and family for the holidays?

For my mom I’ve gotten her a few bottles of wine - a merlot from Peru and a north african zinfindel. For a certain lady I’ve gotten her a kashmir scarf, aquamarine earrings and the most popular french movie ever, or so I was told. My brother gets coffee, and lots of it. I don’t really shop for a lot of people…

So what about you guys? I’m most excited about the scarf, she’s love them and this ones softer than a babys bottom.

Audio book - Hard Luck Cafe (Ma)
Domo-kun & Venom T-shirts (Ma & Pa)
Lego Batman (Cousins)
Kakashi Clock (Another cousin)

Not much, but I haven’t gotten any other specific requests or demands.

Well, seeing as I’ve a big family we do a secret santa thing every year so we just buy stuff for one. It works well. I’m buying my sister a queen piano book because she loves her piano and she’s damn good at it too. Apart from that, since I won’t be able to see her at christmas, getting roses delivered for my girlfriend because she loves 'em. Sucks that I can’t see her but oh well. That’s it as far as presents go. Don’t have the money to buy anyone else stuff to be honest.

My presence.

Nothing. I don’t celebrate Bah! Humbugmas.

Hiroshima mon amour? :scream:

I was lucky to have bought most gifts already, as plenty of stores aren’t open these days. I’ll try to make a purchase or two from small stores that were left unharmed but don’t have a lot of traffic because of the current climate.

I’ll pass on disclosing what the gifts are though.

Merry Christmas, Nul :wink:

Since I have one less family member in the household I’m thinking of getting a [STRIKE]Christmas[/STRIKE] Holidays card for my mother and five bucks for my brother. My old man can share the card (or if I’m feeling really generous I’ll give him the box of chocolates I got from a recent [STRIKE]Christmas[/STRIKE] Holiday Party) and my other brother can fend for himself.

Chocolate for all women close to me: Mom, sister, girlfriend, gf’s mom.
A bottle of vodka for my Dad.

Since I pretty much went broke this year I’m going for those heartfelt homemade gifts, that or things I found for a buck at a garage sale:

I’m drawing my mom and dad a picture since my mom has been asking for me to draw her something since I was in high school.
I am getting my sister a hug, because she doesn’t like anything I make or buy for her anyways.
I am going to buy my brother a hot wheels car. Or perhaps a set of colored pencils, or maybe a sketch book.
I wanted to sing O Holy Night for my grandparents, but since I kind of developed bronchitis from lack of taking care of my cold(that or some other chronic cough), I’m wondering how that will work out.

I’ve bought one of my best friends a tea cup.
And another a cute hedgehog ornament.
As for the rest, I’m hoping I’ll have time to get them something nice before January comes. That’s when we’re having our Christmas party and gift exchange. ^^

For my mom, a cashmere/wool blend sweater.

My sister gets a running hat and liquer(sp) filled chocolates. Training for that marathon got her hooked on running. She’ll run no matter what the weather is like.

My girlfriend gets an mp3 player. I bought it before she mentioned she already had a 2nd gen ipod. Whatever the case, I did my research and made sure it could be used on PC, Mac, had drag-and-drop and expandable memory.

My dad got a Creative Zen from me and my sister. He’s been wanting an mp3 player ever since our family vacation where my sister and I plugged our players into an FM transmitter instead of pulling out a library of CD’s.

I’m about as rich as a hobo in New York City. Meaning, I’ve got no more then 38 dollars to me name(and 25 of it is a gift certificate to a book store XD).

But if I could get gifts for friends, it would constitute of simple, enjoyable stuff. Like a rainbow straight jacket.

My mother and grandmother have gotten into fantasy books, of a serie in french (The Emerald Knights, to make a rough title translation) and so I got them purdy statues of fantasy stuff. Nothing special, but it should be well recieved.

For my dad side, it’s a gift pile process. So I’m tossing a cold cider and two glasses set in there.

A big broken metal heart covered in rust.

Always the romantic Trill.

I can’t afford to get anyone anything because my job sucks and I’m in horrible debt. Ho ho ho.

Mostly true for me. I’m splitting gifts for a few people with my older sister, and I’m scratching my head on what to get the gf, but other that, nothing.

(Or, as 984 said, my presence.)

i got my girlfriend a really good hair straightener, a nice bra, sh4 because she likes horror movies but i dont know which ones, a ps2 memory card, bath and bodyworks candle, and some candy she really likes :]

i got my brother armored core 4 because he used to play mechwarrior 24/7, my other brother guitar hero 2 because hes an emo dork, and my parents i still dunno yet lol

-Went in with my brother and his wife on a gift certificate for a nice restaurant and some chocolate for my mom and dad
-South Park Season 7 and a book by Hunter S. Thompson for my brother
-Chocolates and A Clash of Kings for my friend
-A gift card for Sephora (frou-frou makeup store) for another friend
-Box of chocolates for friends

I think that’s it.

Mom- bracelet and mascara/primer

Dad- Wallet with lottery scratch offs and money for his trip to the Mayan Riviera in March

Sister- digital camera

Sister’s boyfriend- TMNT movies, gift card to Might Taco

Grandma- chocolate

Aunt- shirt

Best Friend- Tales of Vesperia


Mom - Book and Shoes (and some other stuff)

Dad - Jim Bean and my presence

Sister - MS Office 2008 (Mac) - Cracked

Best Friend - ??? (Money?)

Obviously we had a short Christmas. I really only got 3 things (SSBB, P4, and 300) Everybody got Chocolate and Lotto scratch-offs and we didn’t hardly win shit. (I won $1. Woo.)