What are you buying for the holidays?

With Black Friday tomorrow and Christmas coming up, I’m wondering what games you guys are thinking of getting. I not sure what I’m getting, but Magna Carta 2 looks interesting.

Fuck consumer greed. I’m staying home for the holidays.

I might finally get around to picking up BlazBlue, but that’s about it. Still recovering from my summer spending.

Not overly sure. I’m set as far as most games that I want currently. Although, Steam’s gotta some sort of 5-day deal going on with a different set of games everyday.

Hell, they got Knights of the Old Republic for $2.50 today! Will probably buy it later this afternoon.

Me too. I ordered Mario & Luigi online, as part of my sustainability project. Take that, corporate masters! foams

Oh man, thanks ultratech.

Maybe a PS3? I doubt it though.

Isn’t it more sustainable to buy local rather than have to order something and have it specifically delivered to you? Assuming stores near you carry it (not sure how game stores work in Greece).

Finally getting a ps2!

I’ve been wanting to get a hold of “Knights in the Nightmare” for a while.

Also nabbing Beautiful Katamari for a friend for christmas. One more trippy game to play while we gots a hooka burning. (Legal grass)

Left 4 Dead (GotY Edition) now for sale at Steam for $7.49 today. Tempted on getting it, but I don’t know. Rest of the deals didn’t really impress me that much.

I was absolutely jokey about the sustainability thing. Gaming is a waste of resources and ordering a game from abroad is even worse.

However, on one hand these things are already made in China. Then you have to account for the idiotic business model here. Distribution for many DS games is unsatisfactory and the prices charged are significantly higher. I refuse to pay a 50% mark-up in the cheapest case, especially when I can’t even waltz into a store and get it, but have to order online anyway.

That’s why the region-free DS was the best idea, ever.

edit: Oh, I also got 2 play-asia coupons for 50$ and 100$ buys (8$ and 12$ off, respectively). If anyone wants them, shout out.

I’m hoping torchlight or gyromancer go on special over the next couple days.

Gyromancer is pretty lame. Just fire up Puzzle Quest, which is better in every way unless you really like Bejeweled Twist (which is probably better than Gyromancer, too). Instead of active abilities to build toward, you have passives that trigger based on making lots of matches in a row (most of which just spawn a gem that causes the actual effect when you match it). The game actively penalizes you for not being able to make a match, even when there are none available. Your opponent does nothing, it simply triggers powers based on your matches, which spawn gems that hurt you if you don’t match them in a few moves.

Torchlight is okay, but suffers from being nearly identical to Fate (by the same people, published by Wild Tangent). It doesn’t do anything new or interesting, instead being a bland and inoffensive Diablo 2 clone without multiplayer. It has Diablo 1 style weapons and magic that anyone can use as well as a skill tree for each class that mostly renders the generic spells pointless.

Phantasy Star Zero, perhaps. I still have a surplus of games and a lack of time.

A PSP, if I can. Maybe FFCC: The Crystal Bearers.

There’s not that much good stuff on the PSP, honestly. Some, but not much. Unless you’re planning on hacking it to emulate PS1 games. Why are you planning on getting yours? What’s drawing your attention?

Half-Minute Hero. My most anticipated game of the year, and I can’t even play it.

Also, Gamer Limit tends to be lacking in the PSP review department, so the more people with PSP, the better.

I’m playing through half minute hero. Its pretty good. Its not worth getting a PSP for though :P. I really hope you have more than 1 game that’s motivating you.s

Well, there are some other games. I am very interested in Adventures To Go. I already know that it was critically panned, but so was their last RPG (My World, My Way) and I think that was the most pleasant surprise purchase I’ve made all year. Fate/Unlimited Codes is also a big draw for me as a fighting games enthusiast. MGS Portable Ops sounds fun, too. I’m pretty interested in the new Lunar remake, and FF 13 Agito. There’s plenty of games, it’s just that Half-Minute Hero is definitely the biggest one for me.