What are some good TRPGs for the DS?

There’s a shit-ton of them out there. What are some decent ones? I played Rondo of Swords and that one was too frustrating to commit to. I’m currently playing Luminous Arc and enjoying quite a bit.

Disgaea DS?

There aren’t that many exceptional TRPGs on the DS sadly. Disgaea is a better port on PSP.

Front Mission DS wasn’t that bad. Its a remake of Front Mission 1. It gets pretty hard at times.

Heroes of Mana: Avoid it like a plague. The music, graphics and style is perfect. The gameplay is terrible.

FFTA2: if you’ve played FFTA, you know what you’re getting into. Its pretty and shallow. I got bored with it. Pace is too slow, the story is non-existent.

FFXII RW: similar to heroes of mana, but fun to play. Albeit also a little shallow.

Ninjatown: its not an RPG, its a tower defense, but without a doubt, its one of the best, most fun games on the DS. Its strategy.

Fire emblem DS: if you like the FE style of TRPG.

You can try the advance war games. I hear they’re decent. Similar to Fire Emblem.

Luminous Arc 2: more of luminous Arc. Generic, but fun. VERY embarassing to play in public. I didn’t do the final boss because you need to have a walkthrough tell you who you to train to fight it. Its a disgusting fight and requires specific characters. I would’ve liked to have finished it otherwise.

Luminous Arc 3: its supposedly on its way.

Since you’re looking for new DS games to play, these aren’t TRPGs, but they’re excellent. The Ace Attorney series. Start with the first one because the sequels actually follow the same story and characters. I say this because a new one FINALLY came out after fucking YEARS. Hey Capcom, have you heard of money? Its nice isn’t it? Stop making shit like Dark Void and more of these. Kthx.

If you have a PSP, I STRONGLY recommend Wild Arms XF.

I don’t have a PSP. I trust your judgement. I really do… but you’d be the only one to have anything positive to say about WA:XF… sorry, but you’re on you’re own with that one. I’ll keep an eye out for the other ones. Thanks.

Yeah and the ones who say otherwise also raved about how good WA5 was. Heh. WA5 is symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the JRPG industry.

Also, while we’re talking about tactical RPGs, I seem to recall you had a PS3. Have you tried Valkyria Chronicles? Its pretty good.

I sold it shortly after finishing MGS 4 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I plan on buying it back when I return from Dublin tho. I have wanted to try that, and Folklore.

You can also look forward to Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the PSP.

As for DS, I’ve heard good things about SMT: Devil Survivor and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

Devil Survivor is definitely worth getting if you get the chance. Good 'ol SMT gameplay with some Strategy thrown in the mix.

There’s also Bleach: The 3rd Phantom and Hoshigami, but I’d stay away from 'em. (Unless you like Bleach or Hoshigami and its grind.)

Not sure if I can think of much else, but I believe all the good TRPGs have been mentioned.

The only TRPGs I’ve played on the DS are Front Mission and Blue Dragon Plus. Both of them, in my opinion, were subpar. I have reviews for both of them up somewhere on the forums, if you’re interested.

Disgaea is fun.

Fire Emblem was also good, a bit more old school (I had a few flashbacks to Shining Force) and with many levels of difficulty. I enjoyed this one more than I’d expected.

Ninjatown, with Sin’s caveat, is a very fun game.

And he’s 100% right about the Ace Attorney games. I could hug the people who designed the last case.
(And you should play Ouendan/EBA. And puzzle games. And…)