Wha-wha-what, wha-wha-what would you do?

Well… this is completely out of curiousity… What would you do to end an extremely boring conversation?


Now, by end, do you mean just stop the conversation? Or make it no longer boring? Because if it’s the latter, the answer is obviously get naked.

Hah… either or… But no naked-ness involved please.

Actually… I’d prefer end…

Shove my cock in her face.

Well… Umm… For me that could be a problem


I just tell the person that I have to get going. It’s actually pretty honest, when you think about it.

It depends on how tactful you are. If you don’t particularly care about them tell them to STFU.

If you do, try leading the conversation in less boring directions.

“Hai, I’m sexy and you’re not. KthnxI’mgonnagetlaid.”

And Hades, pop onto IRC?

I would hit them on the head with a stick while saying " quite being so boring you panzy!"

:moogle: I would activate the trap door she is standing over.

Just be like “oh crap hang on, someone is at the door”. Then put the phone on the ground and make it sound like you are walking toward the door. Wait a bit, then come back and say “oh hey, i have to go, [someone] came over, i’ll call you back later.”

And of course, never call them back. This is what i do when my girlfriend calls in the middle of bemani/videogames time :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: wait is this steve drama? :oooo

I’d just tell them I dont give a shit what they’re talking about.

I have no suggestions, because conversations with me are always exciting, so I therefore have no idea what it’s like to be in a boring conversation, but I would like to remark that I understand the reference in the thread title, and I was just thinking the other day how I missed that show…

Marc Summers works for Food Network now, apparently. He hosts some candy show, and I swear I’ve heard him announce stuff for some other shows. (I just did a search and apparently his official website is some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder website, strangely enough)


What’s your favorite FF? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know. I got caught in a one-sided conversation once and couldn’t think of a tactful way to get out.

I use dialogue skills to lean the conversation towards any direction I want when I’m talking to people IRL. It’s a knack, I have an easy time taking control of the conversation.

Well, I do this with tact… But there are always people who will try to take control of the conversation without the slightest tact, and mostly it’s natural for them, an involuntary act. These are ‘tiger’ people as I see them. Dealing with a tiger without scratches takes martial skills and subtlety. I have been training my eyes(nothing to do with my school) and today I can spend a couple of minutes without blinking. I’ve put it to test a few times too. Making direct eye contact for some period without blinking makes people feel uncomfortable and wishing to end the conversation by themselves. Also pretending to be paying atention and curious about what they have to say may help in some situations when combined with non-blinking.

i have the answer, pull out a desert eagle and blow off their head. It always works. And yes some people do that, but they go to prison for a long time. Thats or are executed. Please forgive my immaturity of the matter, but it does work if you wanna be a criminal the rest of your life.

Or just say you have to go because you forgot you had to do somthing, and when they ask what, say somthing that they wouldnt question, like i have to go feed my dog, when in reality you dont have a dog. Do somthing simple like i have to go meet someone for somthing, you fill in the blanks.

I go with the stare’em in the eyes suggestion Ren mentioned.

Answer questions in as few words as possible. Don’t ask questions. Don’t continue any lines of thought. Or, if you feel like being jabbered on, ignore the person and don’t say anything at all.