I know I haven’t been around much lately, so this is just a random notice making it clear that I am still very much alive and I still love all of you :slight_smile: Grouphug!

(In a silly mood - no, I’m not drunk.)

Sure you’re not. Try to speak into the breathalizer, now…

Being loved is almost as great as increasing my postcount

Glad to see you’re still alive

Nice to hear from you again. I know you’ve been having all kinds of fun during your absence. 8)

Oh heck yeah :slight_smile: Even though I’m studying grammar right now…

I’ve been writing like a maniac and developed a rabid obsession for Jak and Daxter. Watch out for it, it can kill. Trust me rubs hands together and cackles Oh my precious Magus, you knew no horrors like these. He’s feeling very, very relived right now, lemme tell ya.

squeezes Weiila Even if you wont’ come onto ICQ and say hi. laughs Give Filthy a hug for me and keep one for yourself. hugs you twice


Seriously, Weii, you know we always think of you here, if for no other reason than your having been the kindest Mod here ever. ^^ (And lotsa other reasons, too. ) I hope you’re doing well, and let yourself be seen more often, K?

:fungah: -WEIILA!! HELP ME!! Martinez has been using me as his personal conscience Icon! You don’t know what it’s like here! His jokes are TERRIBLE!! Please take me back!!!

hooray! :smiley:

Thanks ya’ll :slight_smile:

Oh crap. Don’t worry Magus, my home is a lot smaller now but I think you’ll fit into the wardrobe. You’ll be safe there, promise!


Good to know that you’re still here (Truth be told I don’t know you very much, but I still like being nice.)

glomps Weiila

For what it’s worth, I recently named my healer in Phantom Brave after you.

Nice to hear you’re still alive, Weiila.

And I agree with Wil. That avatar is just…disturbing.

Sweet, precious postcount.

Anyways, WB.

Don’t stop. Seriously, if you like writing, the best thing you can do is to forgo food and sleep and keep on writing. Especially if it’s something serious that reflects your thoughts on something.

I don’t know you well either, but I really wanted to talk to you after reading one of your fanfictions, so it’s good to know you’re still alive.

You cannot weed me out of RPGC! Mwahaha! I am rooted to its very core!

And well, the avatar is courtesy of Jing (my little sister for you newlises), so fear her, not me. On the other hand, you can fear me for a whole other array of reasons. Like this one:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/Weiila/whip.gif”>


Where’s Nutter? I thought he was gonna post here.


Me misses YOU! T_T

:biggrin: :kissy:

Stop drinking the vodka its making you crazy.

Yo, hey, hi there.

Good to hear you’re keeping busy, yet not too busy to say “Whassup” to us now and then. :stuck_out_tongue: