…I found out about a couple of weeks ago that my dad had a polyp in his colon… and then a week ago that it was Cancerous. Which is why I was kinda avoiding talking to people, and my roleplaying game. I haven’t told many people at all, only about three… but… well, he is going for surgury tomorrow (preperation today), they are going to try to remove the tumor (they said that it, thankfully, has not spread yet).

More great news is that colon problems have a history in my family (father’s side AND mother’s side). Me and my sisters are going to have to get their colons checked as early as age thirty six…

Which involves not eating anything for a day and then taking a laxative.

But right now I’m worried about my dad. He has never been operated on before in his life. He never smoked, never drank… and he never even got a fracking IV. He almost never gets sick- his only tangible problem was him being overweight… and I’m worried about him.

1-Being overweight due to eating fatty foods is a very probable cause of having colon cancer (3 potential carcinogens: crystallized bile that stayed in your gut too long due to not eating enough fiber with high fat diet, nitrousamines - esp bacon- and benzo[a]pyrene from overcooked meat).

2-colon cancer is extremely dangerous as it can spread anywhere very easily.

Whoever may read this, don’t underestimete the importance of fibers and proper eating habits. They may save you someday. There’s no need to be obssessed about it, just careful. As long as you have a balanced diet, things should be fine. But take it easy with the fried stuff.

Roun, even though we may have had a few issues in the past, you have my sympathy.

I hope that the operation will go well, Roun. Good luck to your dad.

Fiber can matter or it can’t depending on the type of diet you eat. If you have a slow digestive system combined with fatty diets, then you want fiber. All fiber does is make you poo. Your body rejects that which it can’t digest, and since fiber = stuff like cellulose, it makes you go.
And I thought you hated your father?

Sometimes people say things, Sin. I never HATED my dad. We disagree a lot, but I never thought that he was a bad person.

Since the cancer hasn’t spread, he has a much higher chance of pulling through… So I guess he’s lucky they caught it at an early stage.

I really hope everything goes ok, Roun…

What Weiila said.

Just the word cancer scares me…

Here’s hopin for the best.

“Me and my sisters are going to have to get their colons checked as early as age thirty six…”

ah shit, is that were the doctor fingers your asshole to check?

Originally posted by Silhouette
[b]“Me and my sisters are going to have to get their colons checked as early as age thirty six…”

ah shit, is that were the doctor fingers your asshole to check? [/b]

Don’t they do that for prostate cancer as well?

Anyways, I repeat what everyone has said in here. Chances are, he’ll be ok if it hasn’t spread too much and they caught it in its early stage. I have numerous people in my family who had cancer (although different kinds…) and they pulled through quite well and are decent and healthy today. Nothing that we say will ease your worries (obviously) so i just hope you focus on the positive things we say…hope everything goes well for you.

good luck to him Roun. How old is your father by the way?

Eva: that is a prostate check. To check for colon cancer, you do a colonoscopy, ie shove a camera up your ass. And there is no proof the cancer hasn’t spread. I would definetly keep getting checked over the next few years if I were your dad. All it takes is 1 bad cell.

Rountree, I hope that everything goes all right. No one in my family has had colon cancer, but I’ve had a couple of relatives who have had to have things checked out. I don’t believe that it runs in my family.

It’s awful that you’ve got a family history on both sides, but I think it’s great that you all are aware of it so that you’re able to take care of yourselves properly.

Note - colonoscopies really suck (obviously, having a camera go so far up there isn’t fun), but the preparation you have to go through for the procedure is worse. Barium really sucks.

It was a good thing it was discovered before methastasys (before spreading, that is). He’ll just have the tumor removed and then everything will be OK.

My father is around fifty- probably fourty nine. I don’t keep track very well (also, his age is kinda his business, as I see it).

Best of luck: To your dad and to yourself.

Good luck roun. Hope everything works out.

Good luck. I hope your dad pulls through.

Well that sucks… hopefully you won’t get afflicted with it later.