Well, well, well

I think you all owe me an apology

Did I not warn you on the coming offline time? Did I not give you time to prepare yourselves? DID I NOT DELIVER UNTO YE THE FORESHADOWING OF THINGS TO COME?! and what did I get? threats and insults! Manacled, beaten by my own people.

Nice job Nostradamus, now stop your ego-strutting and get back to work!

Oh, just shut up about it already.

I still love you

I’m am starting to see your skill in Vegas. You must take me! I could forget about school! Seriously though, that is pretty freaky. You say somethign about RPGC going down, and then somehting like this happens shortly afterward.

Well, I think you made it happen, just to prove that your prediction was right. And that we should have believed you all along.

Charl sucks.

I didn’t beat you Merl, I saved that for Charle.

Shaddap and go back to cleaning Macc’s HQ, Merlemage. (Hey, you have Merl’s nick so it’s YOUR job now :P)

Bahamut, that’s still Charl.
Grendel strikes.


This is bad, he’s starting to sound more like Merlin. Run for the hills!

If you want to check, just look at the “New Users” thread. It says Charl instead of Merlin.

Jawohl, mein fuhrer. It will not happen again.

In the immortal words of Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill vol1: “Shadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.”

You admit it then?

I’m still waiting for my apologies

Ok, Charlemagne, I apologize for um… well, I don’t really know, so I guess well just leave it as I apologize, happy?