Well, this is it...

As of tomorrow, I start my new life, as a university student. Wish me luck.

But the down side is I’ll probably have less time to hang around here. I ain’t going to be gone for good just yet, I still plan on hanging out here for a few more years. Oh well.

Good Luck in your journey through the higher levels of education.

It’s overrated.

No it’s not.

Good luck, HS.

I actually had more time when I started my undergrad. That is , until I voluntarily loaded more work onto me. You’ll be surprised at how much free time and freedom you can have, unless this in the UK are different.

If you’ve taken UK A-level courses, then you’ll find loads of free time, esp. in 1st year.

Yeah, every study on free time in people’s lives shows that college is the most free time you’ll have in your life, on average.

You don’t start uni until October? Like, I know some schools in the US didn’t start until after labor day (mine started mid to late August). But October? Okay, it might be the UK, but that still seems late to me. Maybe because it’s almost my MIDTERM, and you haven’t started yet. >.>

Hip hip HOORAY!

Good luck!

Go you.

Well thanks for all the wish of luck, guys.

And I don’t know maybe I will have more free time than I’m thinking, but until I get there I just won’t know for sure.

984: Most schools started back up in September, but I was lucky and got the extra month off. But it does mean I finish later than most people. So, oh well.

Good Luck and have Fun!

Success in all ye do.

Don’t worry about us, HS. Just post when you can. Don’t let the pressures of College life get to you, always think things clearly, and you’ll do well. Best wishes.


I’ve never had so much free time in my life. Granted I’m here posting when I should be writing a paper, but that’s besidese the point. Good luck in college!

good luck up there in college. it seems like a whole lot of work at first, but according to my friend David, you can sleep through more than half the classes you take first semester or so. i guess it depends on what you’re taking though. meh…good luck anyways.

Yeah you guys were right, it’s ot as bad as I frist thought. But of course my lessons haven’t started up yet, but even then it seems I will have a lot of free time to get on RPGC.

It has bee very cool here so far, I’ve already met several people who I am on the same course with. Some of who live right next door to me. Very handy.

already at university? wow. well, i do wish you luck.

just remember that someday you die and your higher learning won’t matter then. in knowing this, you won’t have to worry about a huge workload, since you’ll be less motivated. thus you will graduate at neither top nor bottom (you’ll have to work a bit anyways) and you will be fine.