Well that was thourghly depressing.

I just got back from seeing The Butterfly Effect and man, it is a was a bit too soon. It basically says how little things can affect the future in tremendous ways. However, now it has brought back memories of the accident. They are clear as day (as this article describes for those of you who didn’t read my tellign of it here it is. In fact, I’m now remembering it even clearer than before. In addition to seeing it clear as day, I’m also feeling guilt and remembering every sort of area that could have changed everything. This sucks, especially since I have a PFT (physcial fitness test) tomorrow. I hope that I can get to sleep. Especially since I have to wake up in 4 and half hours. On the plus side, my friend that was hospitalized is home and she’s walking and will make a full recovery. She’s a little bit slower than before, but she’ll be fine. She’s recovering at a phenomenal pace.

The movie is quite good though. It really makes you think.

I already made a thread on this, I know it could be confusing. Afterall I did name the thread “Butterfly Effect”

EDIT: Oh shit, I’m sorry, I didnt read your post.

How can you feel guilty if it was not your fault?

I simply refuse to see a movie that stars that damned actor that is in “That 70’s Show”. It seems like a waste of time and money.

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How can you feel guilty if it was not your fault?

I feel guilty since I feel I should have been harder on my friend to get him to quit the stupid driving. I also see so many thigns that were signals for that car not to come andplaces that if I had just got some balls and told him to quit, things may have been different.

Don’t take it so harsh on yourself.

I seriously cannot relate to your situation, and there’s not much I can say on my part at all, but I usually borrow Spike Spiegels motto on matters relating around this in some slight way.

“Whatever happens, happens.”