Well Since Everyone else is...

I also have a confession to make. I’m a man =/

You might not love our baby, but its going to love you


Geez Charl certainly created another thread like this quickly, 3 minutes after you made this one.

Yeah well you arent dave chappell and you arent funny.

whats the square root of this message board? ha ha ha ha

I also have a confession to make. I’m a pretty GIRL.

Please, my heart cant take this anymore!

And I love BLueMageOne’s sig. Hades is such a fruitcake giggle

I am actually a collective of evil robots living in the Andromeda Galaxy, here to take over the world by posting in video game message boards.

Ha ha.

Make your time.

In the early nineteen hundreds, to make time meant to engage in sexual intercourse.

Are you propositioning me?

What happen?

I was attempting to avoid having that continue… ah well… sigh

All your base are belong to us- you have no chance to survive make your time.


Prove it.

What Sin is saying: whip it out.

Somebody set up us the bomb…We get Signal…Main screen turn on…It’s you.
Cats: How are you gentlemen…All your base are belong to us…You are on the way to destruction
Cap’n: What You Say??
Cats: You Have No Chance to Survive Make Your Time…ha ha ha ha.

Move “Zig”…Take Off every “Zig”…For great Justice!

Who cares!!

Call this an unfair comment, but there are more men on forums [of almost any sort] than women by at least a 2:1 ratio.

Yes but if it makes you feel better, 75% of the men are gay.



I think.