Well lookit me, Weiila the kidnapper!

OK, here’s the deal. Mum is a teacher, and apparently one of the kids in her class left home earlier this evening, and hasn’t come back.
The mother is the “it’s never MY fault” type, and she’s calling us trying to get a hold of mum, who due to obvious reasons don’t want to talk to this psycho. These are the three calls I took:

Me: “It’s Anja.”
Whispering voice: “… (mum’s name)”
Me: ? “Um, she’s not at home right now, I’m sorry.”
Voice: “… …”
Me: “?”
Voice: “Alright. Bye.” click

  1. An hour or so later.
    Me: “Hello, it’s Anja.”
    Her: “Is (mum) there?”
    Me: “She’s still not at home, I’m sorry. She might be at the school though, why don’t you try to call there?”
    Her: “…”
    Me: “Uh… I don’t have the number here, but I can look it up…?”
    Her: “… nothing of that matters to me.”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Her: “Yes… because my child is gone.”
    Me: “WHAT?!”
    Her: “Yes… bye.” click

By that melodrama I had a good idea that it was this lovely lady, and as mum came home I told her. She said that the last she heard, about the time of the second call, was that he was at home and, for some reason, drinking a lot of water whatever that meant.
She said she’d had an “argument” with the lovely lady (being shouted at for no apparent reason), and she didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Of course she was worried about the kid too, but she didn’t want to be harrassed when there’s nothing she could do. She already had one breakdown for being harrassed by a psycho parent.

Half an hour later, the call that is the reason of my anger.
Call 3.
Me: “It’s Anja.”
She: “Is (mum) home yet?”
Me: “I’m sorry, she had to go to a course, she’ll be gone all evening.”
She: “… So will my child.”
Me: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I… we can do to help you.”
She: “…”
Me: “Please try to remain calm, he can’t just disappear, right? I’m sure he’s alright, wherever he is.”
She: “How do you know he’s alright?”
Me: “Uh, I don’t know, I’m just trying to calm you.”
Me: “Uh… I’m just trying to…”
She: “Now I know you’re lying, your mum IS home!”
Me: “Please, would y…”
She: “Bye.” click!

Now I’m sortof waiting for the police to come. It wouldn’t bloody surprise me >_<

Originally posted by Weiila
The mother is the “it’s never MY fault” type

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Of course it isn’t her fault. It’s the fault of those evil videogames! Or movies. Or books. Or random inanimate objects.

I liked dad’s approach. “She’s not home. Yes. OKbyeclick!

… Yes, I DO say that quote of mine she has in her sig quite a lot. =P

Yeesh… Paranoid little bitch, isn’t she? I mean, sure her child’s missing, but if she started accusing everyone who hopes for the best…

Actually TD, here in Sweden it’s currently the school’s fault. The parents dump their kids on the teachers and expect THEM to teach the lil’ brats manners -_-

<small>Did I spell it right, sis?</small>

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> They try that here as well. It hasn’t worked so far.

The fault of something, anything, convenient and handy besides her own crappy parenting.

Good luck getting this sorted out Weiila. Going by the transcripts of the phone calls, you’ve handled yourself and kept your composure well so far.

edit: And I think you did spell it right. Unless there’s an umlaut missing from Frosch or something.

Yeah, you spelled it right. This lovely lady has been causing trouble before, it’s really getting annoying, and I’ve never even had to talk to her!

You can kidnap me anytime, Weilla! You can too for that matter, Jing!

The last call, which dad took, was from a man actually. Guess it was one of her “allies”, aka, one of those who aren’t her enemies and stalking her, planning her death.
Yep, she thinks somebody wants to kill her too.

Thanks guys, I shouldn’t leek all this private matter stuff I guess, but there’s no way she’s coming to this site and I REALLY needed to vent >_<

Charl: I’ll think it over :slight_smile: Hey… isn’t you my brother in law anyway?

Ha, I understand what it is. My mom is an elementary school teacher too. She has to deal with stupid parents just like this one frequently. They always blame the teacher for everything and of course, their child is ALWAYS right.

:fungah: Parents can be pretty stupid at times hope this comes out well Weilla.

Originally posted by Weiila Yep, she thinks somebody wants to kill her too.

Of course. Paranoia is just another form of arrogance. And given her on-phone conduct…

Thanks guys, I shouldn’t leek all this private matter stuff I guess, but there’s no way she’s coming to this site and I REALLY needed to vent >_<

Hey, that’s what we’re here for. Besides, it’s not like you’re identifying anybody by name (other than yourself, but quite a few of us knew that already).

P.S. you can kidnap me, too. I promise I’ll be quiet and won’t make a mess. :wink:

Isn’t it lovely, Walhalla? -_- Damn.

Frame: So do I :stuck_out_tongue: She’s been thinking of moving down to Stockholm, please, please God, let her do so!

Charl: Would I be able to get ransom or would they pay me to keep you? =P

Oh, and the lyrics should be “I have a frog”, Weiila. Don’t misquote me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t worry about making messes should I kidnap you, Kaiser. My room’s pretty messed up already, as you can see in the other thread :slight_smile:

Anyway… no new calls. I hope the kid came home so that there won’t be anymore ruckus about it -_- We’ll know tomorrow. Probably from the news headlines :thud:

We never get phone calls because I’m always online. But if idiots like that call then its a bonus!

Why do I get the feeling that the kid was going home and stopped to get some food or go to an arcade or something and his mom overreacted when he was 5 minutes late and freaked.

I suppose you can forgive a parent for being ovber-protective of her child, but she did seem to be verging on paranoia toward the end- I feel for you, Weiila, if that were me I havr to say I’d simply have taken the easy way out and let the phone ring off :hmm: shame I can’t do that at work where I’ve had similar reactions to people whose software has produced a fatal error. -_-

Hope the kid returns home safe, and that mother eventually realises she owes you an apology.

I wouldn’t worry too much… the kid will probably show up at a later time, surprised at the mother’s worrying. If an officer does come over, its probably to get that same mother to be quiet, and show something that proves she is wasting their time.