Well, Look Who's Dead Now...

Normally I’d put [Rest In Peace] or some variant thereof in the subject line, but…

Naw, this is a badguy, so we can feel good about this one.

Can’t believe I and the whole board here slept on this one, but Serbian dictator and the 20th century’s last architecht of genocide, Slobodan Milosevic, died in prison a couple days ago. His war crimes trial in The Hague was still underway.


There’s the obituary.


And here’s an article about the flak over whether to bury him in Serbia or not.



Here’s kinda why I’m still bringing this up.

A) I kinda feel like we should at least try to have a thread about this, since it’s a kinda a big deal and all.

B) His war crimes trial was still underway. And there’s some attorneys and poltical mouthpieces and such that are issuing statements about how dissatisfied they are that he “escaped justice” and or “we were denied seeing him getting what he deserved” and such. Personally, I think this is a bit much. Everyone with an ounce of sense knows he was a bad guy and he was guilty as charged. It’s not like there’s anyone out there was wondering “hmm, is he guilty or not”; the victory over guys like these is in stopping them, capturing them, deposing them, exposing and discrediting them, and then either incarcerating them for the rest of their life or executing them. Milosevic spent the remainder of his life in prison after his capture, and then died there. That’s kinda what we were going to do with him anyway, right? His sentence would’ve been one of those, right?

So my question to all of y’all is: does the trial at The Hague matter? Does it give “closure” or not, does it make our victory over these butches more total, (and conversely does it make our victory less total if we run these guys out of power but they die before they can be captured/tried, such as with Pol Pot). Or are these just show trials where we just spend time patting ourselves on the back and telling ourselves what we already know, only in fancier dressing?


I was waiting for someone to post about this. >.>

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He supposedly took some substance that weakened his health so he could go spend time with his relatives, but they got the best of him…

Really? Then why did they never manage to convict him, even though they had years to do it and they could set all of the rules for the court? It was because the case against him wasn’t nearly as good as “everyone with an ounce of sense” said it was. Milosevic refused to accept the court’s lawyer and instead undertook his own defence; as a result, he discredited many of the prosecution’s witnesses in his cross-examinations, showed that much of the evidence they presented was hearsay, and otherwise exposed the tribunal’s unfairness and incompetence. Of course they’re blathering a lot of self-important bullshit about how he “escaped justice,” now that he’s dead and can’t defend himself anymore.



Also, apparently, in bombing densely populated civilian areas, as well as empowering Islamic terrorists, drug lords, and organized crime, which is exactly what the NATO campaign did in the Balkans. And since then, hundreds of Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from provinces that were historically theirs. Naturally, this does not concern the hypocrites in Europe, who always care about “human rights” except when they don’t. In many ways, the war against Serbia set the stage for the war in Iraq, hence why neoconservatives actively supported it.

What I wonder is how in the hell someone can be put on trial for THIS fucking long and not be convicted. I wonder about the use of any criminal court that get its shit together to do its job while the people it is prosecuting are still alive.

Wha I also wonder is why his medications negated each other such that they would lead to his death. I think this is going to open a can of worms.

Six billion to go.

That’s what happens when the court has determined in advance to convict someone, but doesn’t have the facts to do so honestly. The most striking thing, in retrospect, is how similar our war of aggression in the Balkans was to the current war of aggression in Iraq.