well it's official...

Was watching the conference live… FFXIII is coming to xbox360!


Yeah, I just posted this in the FFC board.

What I’m curious about, is if they’ll announce FF13 versus for multiplatform.

I’m at work so I can’t check this and I can’t believe this. Are you SERIOUS?!

That really narrows down a lot of the killer app titles for PS3, huh. What is there, MGS4, and if you’re really geeky about RPGs, there’s Folklore. Aaaand that’s about it.


yeah as serious as cancer :stuck_out_tongue:

Came out of the mouth of Yoichi Wada himself!

The Playstation Three!

Aaaand there goes… I care very little about most of this since I won’t be getting any of the new sistems until a couple of years have passed, but MAN, did the PS3 sink like lead. Congratulations Sony, you lost exclusivity on Final fucking Fantasy. I mean, my faith in Squeenix is dragging through the ground lately, but it’s still one huge-ass slap in the face to lose the best-known western RPG franchise.



Hades still knows ps3 is da best

Yeah I laughed.

I also hope Versus 13 ends up on the 360 as well, it looked pretty good. Pretty emo, but good.

Whoa. The Microsoft is doing an amazing job of getting JRPGs this time.

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. :open_mouth:

…I’ll still be getting the PS3 version though. But seriously- FF13 with achievements could be pretty cool (especially if they aren’t shitted about like FF11’s). This raises something else, though- if FF13 could come to 360, does this mean other FF games may see the jump? Like, for example, FF1-6 on XBLA? :wink:

No reason whatsoever to get a PS3 now other than God of War 3. But fuck that.

Damn, not another FF game on a system I don’t own! >_<

lol Sony.

Also 1up had pictures of FF XII running on 360 hardware as well (stupid Opera/Wii won’t let me multitask so I’ll have to edit the link in later (it should also be said that this is comming from the site that make-up it’s mind as to MM9’s shedualed apperances)).

The 360’s got the power now. :victoly:

In all honesty… Sony better have a whopper of a conference tomorrow otherwise my interest in sony will be absolute zero :smiley:

Sony is doomed. Maybe MGS4 will go to 360 tomorrow.

If there will be a PS4?

I’m glad I held back on getting a next-gen console. If I do end up getting one (i.e. if I get a chance in between handheld games) the 360 is definitely going to be it. I would like to rent a PS3 to play through MGS4… I don’t think that’s even possible though. -_-