Well, it's confirmed.

My unit has been called up and we’re deploying. We’re going to Africa to fight to war on terror. I’ll still be able to post though since the base we’re going to has computers with internet access. My posting will just be a little slower. This has actually been confirmed and from what I’ve seen ti is a full go since we have boxes to ship things and we have a bunch of new gear.

Good luck fighting a vaguely backed-up, intagible concept for your president :frowning:

Good luck man.
Hope you don’t get into too much shit.

Actually, the place I’m going to in Africa has been around for decades and it is America’s one foothold on the continent. Also, some of our duties will be traditional Marine things (no matter in war or peace). It is considered part of the war on terror since a lot of attacks have happened in the region (such as the attack on the USS Cole and the incident in Black Hawk Down). The attacks on the World Trade Center made the need for security in the area increase. Plus, insurgents are coming from the area into Iraq, so it isn’t just bogus and we’ve been there since before Bush. Hell, the base was owned by, or is being elased from, the French.

So you’re going to Syria?

No, besides Syria isn’t in Africa. :mwahaha:

:\ that sucks man, especially because you were so close to graduating.

good luck.

Where are you going to be in Africa if I may ask? I wasn’t aware of any current US strategic interests in the region. I would’ve thought that Iraq would’ve been the focus, either because of insurgents or to apply pressure on Syria/Iran. (BTW, good luck and let’s hope you don’t need it)

Don’t die.

Were doing to the Horn of Africa which has the one American base and foothold (which is why it is so key). Also, since terrorists are coming from surrounding regions, it makes it important. The biggest thing is just that it is America’s place in Africa and the region would be very hard tor ecapture if we lost the position. We’re not going to Somalia, but we’ll be very close. It is pretty cool, we’re getting some really cool new gear. Hell, some of it has already reached the unit (since we’re now a priority unit to get the stuff).

Yeah, that region jumped to mind as soon as you said Africa, but I’m surprised to hear its really the case because I didn’t think that the US would get back in there after what happened in Somalia. Somalia’s just a fucking disaster waiting to happen.

Good luck, stay alive.


byes :frowning:

Also… good luck or whatever i’m supposed to say here… I can’t really think of anything…

Edit: I didn’t want that to come off how it did.

Good luck Info, and watch out for yourself. I salute you.

It is nice having more than a couple of days notice like last time (last time I was told 4 or 5 days before).

Be good, and stay as safe as possible. :smiley:

Good luck.

Sometimes it’s wise to check which way the gun is pointing before you yell, “I see the whites of their eyes!”

Also, good luck.

I don’t remember the time you were deployed last, Nick. What happened and when was it? I’m also curious to know why you’re getting new snazzy equipment.