Well, it's 9/11 again. You know what that means.

“Gee, in movies, those explosions are usually a damn lot bigger than the one those aeroplanes made. Poor Sfx.”

Then I hopped on the net, checked my webcomics, etc, to notice “CANCELLED? Oh shoot.” on a few. Then I hopped on RPGClassics. They had this main page update which encouraged people to hop on the chat to discuss or something. I did. I was hooked.

And I got kicked for arguing with Hades about FF8.

Still, RPGC’s kept me in it’s grip for three years. Got me an drawing-review audience here. Got me game-buddies here. It’s coo’


I had <i>completely</i> forgotten all about today being 9/11. Dates at this point are only significant in that I have so-and-so many days left before my first ever University exam. =P

I should probably start watching the news. Only way I ever find out what’s going on in the world is when I read headlines as I pass by newspapers in the grocery store.

I hate you… Motorhead fucking rocks

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I was over by a friend watching “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and when we turned off the movie, first thing we saw were the planes crashing into the towers. I could hardly get home afterwards because my shaking made it almost impossible to unlock the bike. I don’t mourn, but I was throughoghly shocked when it happened.

11/9 of 1972 was terrible.

I would also like to add that if you don’t think or know that the hijackers are going to crash it, it is probably better to let them just take the plane. Just look at the plain that crashed outside Philidephia. They fought and the plane crashed, they still died. So fighting hijackers doesn’t necesarily mean you’ll be saved. It’d prevent more possible deaths from a crash into a building, but you sitll don’t have all that information. Hell, if the hijackers kill the pilots and start flying the plane themselves, you may be better off letting them fly unless someone else on board knows how to fly. At least if the hijackers fly they may land it in some other destination.

Nick: I have to say that every day, your sanity and real thought makes me think better and better about Marines.

Everyone: Notice how Nick pointed out how much a SHOCK this was to everyone in the States. Not because nobody would ever attack the US, but because the means of attack felt so completely tied to a symbol of freedom (freedom to travel), and that before the event, we saw terrorism as a much lower, making demands sort of thing, and not a zealot sacrifice to strike against us for no purpose other than to wound our nations sense of security.

And I would just like to quickly point out that G.W. is STILL all buddy-buddy with the Bin Laden family, and it is most likely only a matter of time before we attack yet another relatively-inculpable nation. So even if you chose not to feel compassion for the dead, at least mourne the loss of the thin layer of cloth we ad used to hide our US imperialism, because now there really is nothing stopping the militant right wing of our government from killing innocents far and wide, and sending our youth to die for the sake of OIL and “TRADE RIGHTS” and the constant strengthening of the US dollar. The US lost a lot in terms of our emotions, but our leaders insist that we take it all back in terms of subordinate nations. That is certainly something that everyone can feel bad about.

You know what another bad thing is: the pilots weren’t even Afghan, they were Saudi. Just remembered that. And what happened to Saudi? Guess.

In the case of the plane forced down in Pennsylvania, they KNEW what had happened already, since alot of people had cellphones. They took the plane down to prevent another suicide bomb.

What I’m saying is that they didn’t just take the hijackers out and then let the pilots land the plane. No, they had to crash it to stop the hijackers. My point is that they had to die to stop the hijackers.

I think the us military did 911.

I mean 7 of the “hijackers” werent even in the US on 911.

And the plane that hit the pentagon was NOT a passenger plane, and there was never ANY parts of a passenger plane recoverd. The only thing they recoverd was the wheel of a us military plane. And it was only an 8 passenger plane, a beong 747 woult have done MUCH more damage, there would have been wing damage, and it would have tipped cars over as it flew towards the pentagon. But none of that happend.

Also if you look closely at the footage of the twin towers you can see military bombs on the belly of the planes that hit the towers. There is no way the terrorists got out of the plane and put us military bombs on there planes. Also Dick and bush went WAY out of there way to make sure there was no investigation untill after every peice of metal from the towers was out of the country.

Why would they do that?

Also, When norad was informed that the country was under attack, they said they diddnt have any fighter planes available to stop it. Diddnt have any fighter planes? what kind of crap is that? NORAD owns every plane in the us, it is an obvios lie that there were no planes available in the entire country on the one day that they are needed to save american lives.

So I think the us government set 911 up, and the public has bought everything that they told us because they are ruling us with fear.

While I wouldn’t feel it too much a stretch to believe a lot of what you just said, you threw out some PRETTY big claims there, and I’m gonna have to say that such claims require links to web-pages where the evidence can be seen, not just a post that tell us the “truth.”

I might deeply dislike GW, but that is a VERY VERY serious accusation.

That is a bit of a stretch. Especially when you look at how there are passenger lsits of peopelt hat died. The government may be behind, but it was carried out by the military. Those weren’t military aircraft. Where did you get that the hijackers weren’t even in the US? Hell, even the biggest Bush haters and conspiracy theorists don’t say that. Also, you have to look at how Bush and Rumsfeld tried to use 9/11 to attack Iraq and not Afgahnistan. The evidence was just too clear about Afgahnistan that they couldn’t ignore it. Also, by syaing it was the military, it shows that you lack some knowledge about the military, the CIA, the FBI, and other government agencies. The CIA and FBI are knwon for carrying otu dark ops. Also, I highly doubt that anybody in the military or in the CIA or FBI would carry out a suicide mission like that. Suicide missions ahve been known to happen, but there is always a chance of survival. It is jsut extremely dangerous and requires a shit load of skill to carry out, somehting that special forces would carry out or CAI/FBI agents. Not just crashing a plane into a building. At least bring some sort of source for these claims. Also, your theory seems to lack any motive or reason. Sucha s Alex joens says that the government carried it out to achieve politcal gains, such as the Patriot Act, to bring about the New World Order. He also supports the claim in that war brings country together better than anything else and terror lets people give up liberties for securitiy. if you lok at it, soem of that has come true. Before 9/11, Bush couldn’t get anything done, now he has a shit laod of power. Jones even looks at historical examples. I’m nto trying to be mean, it is jsut that I would like to at leats know where you are hearing soem of this since it is so out there.

My sources:
911: The Road to Tyranny by alex Jones

Fahrenheit 9/11

Ok I know you people are skeptical, so i will provide links to flash videos to support my post http://www.freedomunderground.org/memoryhole/pentagon.php
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/191277 (click “watch this film”)
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/191001 (click “watch this film”)

Some sites that claim norad was behind it

Without actually checking the sites, two of them are Newgrounds, which makes me think they’re not true/actually meaning it. But that’s me.

And am I alone in not caring about 9/11?

i’m not caring either… it’s just… sad for those that died…

The norad ones aren’t very convincing, but the first flash is interesting. It still lacks motive and it seems to speculate too much. It does bring up some good points though. It definitely isn’t enough to say that the military did it though, maybe the government, but definitely not the military. One thought though abotu the windows not shattering is that they are reinforced and made form special materials for defense. One thing though is that I thought it wa s 747, not a 757. Also, planes don’t tear up the ground as they fly by. MCRD San Diego si right by the San Diego International Airport. It has planes flying by it all day with maybe 3 fences seperating the depot from the airfield and the planes don’t do anythign to the field where the obstacles and a shit load of sand are, as well as running paths. The airstrip is so close that guys that can’t take it anymore head for the airstrip since it is right there. Also, what about the WTC then? Besides, the WTC seemed to look pretty similar. Most of the debris was from the building itself, not the planes.

I’m with Pho on the newsunderground ones though. Those are fan sort of things. It is the same place that hosts parodies, games, and various other stories.

I was heading out the door for work, and I heard on the radio that a plane just crashed into the WTC, so I turned around and flipped on CNN. There it all unravelled. I called the Communications department at work right after the second plane hit, to let them know the US was being attacked. I then called my parents.

I was scared, not so much for own safety (Buffalo != target), but for the country. How many more planes did they have? How many people were going to die? Watching the NY cityscape change forever as the towers crumbled was quite frankly, unbelievable. I kept thinking to myself this ~has~ to be a dream. No way could this happen.

On Saturday, the attacks didn’t even cross my mind. I didn’t know anyone who was killed or injured that day. Unfortunately the tragedy, which of course was inspired by religion, was an excuse for several influential Americans and their financial supporters to become much, much richer. Because of their actions, and the stupidity of a considerable percentage of US citizens, I have lost all pride in my country. It’s completely understandable why so many other countries hate the current US administration, and the sheep that support it.

Please die now.