Well, it's 9/11 again. You know what that means.

I don’t think it since reading some of your other posts. I thought it, but not anymore, just didn’t state it. But if you really want to be a bastard I’m not going to argue. The fact that you speak your mind and don’t give shit what anyone says doesn’t make you one though. Just impolite.

A year ago? Jesus dude, you’re from ireland. I’d think you’d be pretty desensitized to violence and terrorism by now.

I was an innocent. That innocence was robbed.
And I’m from down south where that hasn’t being for years. And to be honest, I don’t give a shit about the North, they’re all a bunch of gits who can’t see that their is no way, ever, that they’ll get what they want the way they’re going about it. I haven’t paid much attention.

Ah, sorry man, i thought it was all throughout the country.

Not since 1922.

You can speak your mind quite bluntly without being impolite, sometimes, however I am quite rude when I feel it is a waste to be well mannored to some- a flaw I am working on correcting.

Anyways, returning to the topic at hand:

I am just curious to know what your reactions to 9/11 were. Did you cry? Did you break down with friends and family and pray? Did you send money, or go help yourselves? Did you send support letters to the families of those killed? I am not saying any of you did, rather this is just to make an example of those that have.

Now, what was your reaction to the terrorist actions in Russia just recently? Of the children and teachers murdered? Of those who were forced to strip naked? The families there? Did you cry? Did you pray? Was your reaction even close to what you felt at 9/11? Did you react at all?

You’ll have to forgive me on this, but these feelings people seem to get so filled with, ones that should be so good, seem to be so hypocritical. I remember watching on TV the people around 9/11, who had nothing to do with the dead or the families therein, and yet they cried. Why? I am willing to bet they didn’t even shed a tear for the events in Russia this last week. So you see, it isn’t that I don’t care- I do. I just can’t live knowing that I am feeling bad for Americans, when people all over the world suffer.

I forget the grand point I was going to make, something angery I am sure. As that is how I feel when I see all these people so upset over 9/11, and I bet you if you ask most of them how they felt about the events in Russia, or anywhere else for that matter, they’d look at you with a clueless expression. That is what makes me mad. That’s probably why on many subjects I may come across as blunt, rude, or even assholish. I know that I myself am not perfect, nor do I know all the suffering in the world or even claim to know of it- but that which I do know, I know from what I find, not from the media or because a friend knows. Because you can’t say you care if you only care about what someone else tells you. You can’t say you care if you only care for what fox news says. Maybe I am wrong, maybe you can. Maybe I am just a crazy person who doesn’t have the first clue about anything, but that’s just how it goes and I am willing to except these facts about myself and carry on as best I can.

Kiro, hate the world as much as you want, but never stop trying to make it better, or else you are just as much a hypocrite as those who you hate.


Nessa, chill out, I doubt anything lifeshatteringly traumatic has happened to you >.>;

And sorc, yes, it’s still the 10th.

Edit: I am just curious to know what your reactions to 9/11 were. Did you cry? Did you break down with friends and family and pray? Did you send money, or go help yourselves? Did you send support letters to the families of those killed? I am not saying any of you did, rather this is just to make an example of those that have.


To be honest, I had no idea what was happening, we were sitting in the forum of our middleschool, and I was joking around with friends. I saw the buildings burning, I didn’t pay too much attention, so I figured everyone was okay. We didn’t watch it long enough for the towers to collapse and stuff.

Edit 2 (Maybe I should read the whole post before I edit): Kiro, hate the world as much as you want, but never stop trying to make it better, or else you are just as much a hypocrite as those who you hate.


“Be the change that you wish to see” Or something like that is a quote from some guy, I can’t remember. x.x;; I like it

When I heard about 9/11 all the people in my class were just there “Cool. D’you see the way it crashed. Fucking awesome.” And they rushed home to see the plane crash into the Pentagon. I was as shocked by that then by the attacks themselves.
Russia I didn’t hear that much about, but what I did sickened me much more than 9/11.
But the worst for me was the Omagh bombing because my Aunt was almost caught in that.

I’m a hyper active adult obsessed with video games and anime. As well as being driven completely insane by the events of the world. And chemicals.

My initial reaction to 9/11 was shock. I was moving out of my dad’s house that day, and he woke me up at 9 in the morning and told me that the World Trade Center had been attacked. I then said “Dad, stop fucking with my head, I’m going back to sleep.” I woke up an hour later, turned on my 13 inch tv and sure enough, I saw the first tower crumble into complete and utter nothingness. Then the horror set into my mind. I started to wonder who had the audacity to pull a stunt like this. And then I wondered HOW THE FUCK 65 people on an airplane couldn’t defend themselves against three guys with BOXCUTTERS!!?? Yeah, they’re sharp, but I don’t think that they should have been THAT intimidated. What’s worse was the security job by the airline, which alone is almost enough to convince me that 9/11 was an inside job.

And why would the American government have the capability to put their own reputation at risk and do such a thing. Simple. There were many motives behind this. Osama Bin Laden was a former CIA informant. The government does a damn good job at making terrorism look so horrific that it becomes unthinkable to even ponder their involvement. It gave Bush another excuse to go to war with Iraq(And it was also proven Saddam[who possibly was also once an employee of the CIA] had no ties to Bin Laden). And it instilled false pride in millions of Americans. As well as ignorance, hatred, and bigotry towards the entire Muslim community.

On another note, there was religious motive behind both 9/11 and Op. Iraqi Freedom. Both sides are trying to force enough people to believe these prophecies so that with enough believers, they come true by default. And Bush even spoke some words that made it sound like a holy war. And by reinforcing this statement with “God Bless America”, it furthered the motive for “Holy War”.
How come only America asks God to bless them in time of war? Will America be the next “Roman Empire”? Unless the course of history is changed, it is doomed to repeat itself.

I really wasn’t affected. I’m not really patriotic and I don’t really care when other people die. I’m sorry that’s just the way I am. (Maybe that means I’d make a good CSI)

My dad heard about it while he was on some chat room, I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane crash. It didn’t really effect me or anything, I did give a few thoughts to the people that died and were dying, but nothing like crying and everything. Over here in Britain, we had a LOT of coverage on that Russia thing, that kinda affected me more than 9/11 for some reason. Not really sure why.

It is because people don’t expect hijackers to crash the plain into a nuilding. Most people would expect hijackers to force a landing somewhere. Also, airport security misses things all the time. Last summer when I came back from North Carolina, I had a “IP scissors” (scissors used to cut threads off of clothes, the blades are abotu 1.5 inches long and then they have a handle, they also are pointed and not rounded at the end) in my carry on and they missed them (even after having me take everything out of my bag). Yet they confiscated my friend’s IP scissors who was a little behind me. Now I obviously wasn’t a hijacker and didn’t use the scissors to do anything, but I still had them on me since the airport missed them. This was just last summer too, so it was clearly after 9/11 with the “upped” securty.

People will of course feel more emotional about a tragedy in their own country/state/neighborhood/whatever. There is no shame in it, it affects you more deeply. Would you find Russians mourning over their recent tragedy and tell them that in fact, what happened there is really not that bad because hey, people die all the time. Tragedies do not invalidate each other.

I live in a town where a LOT of people died. I live in a suburb that has a lot of NYPD Firement and Policemen, not to mention the several people who just commuted to NYC to work in the WTC- so of course it affected us a SHIT LOAD more than something that happened over in Russia… although the thing in Russia- damn. That is really, really fucked up.

Oh- and does anybody remember those the terrorists with the trains in Spain a little while ago? Nobody here seemed to give a fuck about that, unfortunately.

yup. 9/11. Motorhead plays live in the city. \m/ I’m so there.

(Just trying to get this thread back to the spirit in which it started :D)

Eden: You make a good point; however, in our defense, I do have to say that my reaction to 9/11 was more emotional/extreme than my reaction to the most recent Chechen incident (and for that matter, the incident a year and a half or so ago when Putin turned that “non-lethal” gas on hostages and terrorists alike in that theatre, only the gas turned out to be not quite so “non-lethal” as they thought) for one very important reason:

9/11 was directed at “my people” and thus, scared the shit out of me. You’re right about how all human life is special and thus it ISN’T “more tragic” when X ammount of Americans die vs. X ammount of (insert nationality here) die. And from that perspective people should not be showing preference in their grief for different groups of strangers.

But while all these incidents are depressing and disturbing and outrageous and examples of how seriously fucked-up people can be towards each other, those of us south of the border are entitled to react a little more sensitively to 9/11 out of that sense of fear

(especially when our current administration seems all too eager to reinforce said sense of fear amongst the people it’s in charge of…)

Big Dizzy: Hindsight is always 20/20. While it’d be hard to believe that passengers wouldn’t rise up and resist box-cutter wielding hijackers NOW, knowing what we know about who’s out there and what they can potentially do, remember that those passengers who died that day lived in the pre 9/11 world where, among other differences, general theory on how to react during a hijacking was to just sit tight and comply, don’t try to be a hero and try to fuck with them because it wasn’t worth the risk of you getting hurt since hijackers probably just want to land the plane somewhere (as Infonick was pointing out).

Obviously we know a little bit different now after going through 9/11, but the victims in question didn’t live long enough to figure out what the fuck was going on on 9/11.

To this very day, I still get 9/11 and 7/11 mixed up sometimes. :o

What DID happen in Russia?

Seriously, who do I have to sleep with to get him Ban? Cause I will. I don’t care if it’s Xelo, I’ll do it. Please, he is slowly widdling away what patients I have for such nimroddery. And sadly I fear I may need that later in life. ; ; >.>


Some terrorists invaded a school in Russia. Shit happened, hundreds of people, mostly children, dead.

The horrible part about my lovely egocentric nation here is that, information about the Russian tragedy was largely ignored, so that instead, opinions could be given about it. It almost feels like the media has caught on that nobody respects their opinions, so they minimize facts, and maximize opinions about the stories that they don’t want us to care about, sometimes.

They beat the awareness into us without any of the facts, so that then they can call up our “memory” of the horrors of an event, and then tell us how it went so that the current situation benefits the most.

I shed very few tears for the attack on 9/11. There were some true innocents that died in the attack, and MANY near-innocents who died needlessly, but what really upset was the impending descent of my nation following the attack. The moment I heard the first press release about Usama Bin Laden being blamed, knew that things were going to collapse. I could already see our witch hunt beginning, and I knew that we would move from the international status of “loud racist guy who is tolerated because he’s rich(ish)” to “that jerk who thinks that he’s in charge just because he is bigger than everyone, and beats up folks who dont agree.”

But reality proved worse than my fears, as we elected not to seek the root of the problem, but to use a horrible event as propaganda to manipulate a frightened people into waging war against not one but two relatively inculpable nations (not to say that either of their governments were great, but that is no excuse for invasion).

So, yes actually, I do mourn 9-11. Not because of the lives of the people [though it is something sorrowful], but because it was the beginning of my nation’s self-degradation from a proud eagle to a rabid wolf.

And yes, I do mourn the events in Russia, because it only reinforces my belief that the US is swiftly moving away from a respectable place in the international community because of our leaders’ decisions to limit our true empathy for another nation, and instead file away a horrible event as a propaganda tool waiting to be used.