Well, it's 9/11 again. You know what that means.

Happy birthday Fantasim, Bing and SharkDiver!

I could have sworn it’s still September 10th.

Happy Coup Administrated by CIA on Legally Elected Chile Government Day!

TD is in an inferior European timezone.

My dad’s birthday is also tomorrow.

But Happy burfday to you other people.

I am going to crack up if I get asked to have a moment of silence. >.>;

Happy 9/11-day! tosses burning bits and aeroplanes around in celebration


Jerks jerks everywhere jerks!

We all have to do our best in these times of terror. =o


Ok, really that was just…bad. You shouldn’t make fun of a day were A LOT of people got killed, and A LOT of people got their lives ruined because of it! Man, sometimes I hate the wold with its terrorists, and its wars, and its killing! God, we really screwed up!

Another cynic is born. Welcome. You’ll notice more places we’ve totally fucked up as you go along. If at all possible, try to develop a cynical sense of humour so you can laugh at everything.

??? I’m confused… Rikku: I’m always confused.

You’re developing into a person who looks at humanity and sees just how fucked up we are. If you can laugh at it, you don’t go insane. Or possibly it’s that you are insane, I’m not sure.

Ooooooh, ok. Eh…Ha ha?

A lot of people die every day. A lot of people die on the inside every day. A lot of people die on the inside multiple times every day. Cherish your innocent young mind while you still have it; people will try hard to take it away from you, and they succeed with most people.

Let me put it to you another way. I became a cynic a year ago and became massively depressed. Then I started laughing at everything and not giving a shit about most people because they’re bastards. This does not include (as far as I know) anyone in this forum.
Nessie: They succeeded with me.

Don’t worry, I’m still a hyper-active kidish person obbsessed with Anime, and Video Games.

Alot of things are bad, alot of days people die- just like what Nessa said. I am sure that on Christmas Eve thousands of children are dying, but you’re too busy opening your god damn gifts and putting on your hillory duff coats. Why do you suddenly care about this? Goddamnit, you people act as if this is such a big deal, imagen the countless years of suffering people had to go through to reach this point of anger to be able to cause such mass suffering to other people. I am not saying that all that makes it right, but if you are going to be upset over this, be upset over other things aswell, just don’t suddenly deside to care because mainstream media does.

I will mock and make fun of any day I deside to. Call it the right to free speach. It might be wrong, but hey, you already think we’re all bastards anyways.

On a different note, they started early! Even my news is alreadly flooded with all that crap. I had to mute it while eating dinner so I wouldn’t feel so sick.


I didn’t say you’re bastards. Just most of the people I know IRL. There was nothing on it here. Just thought I’d point that out. Except some conspiracy theory show on an English channel that I didn’t really care enough to look at. It was used as an excuse to start two wars. This has completely taken away all meaning of this day for me.

When I said that I didn’t mean that it was just that day, I know that everyday people die.

Oh please forgive me. Let me clarify what I ment- I know I am a bastard. I simply assumed you all thought that of me already, especially you DB. But since you’re either, for some reason, not saying that or just don’t think it, I am sorry for putting words in your mouth. My bad. =D