Well, it was on 08-27-2006 at 06:48 PM since I last visited

So what new you guys? Im not sure many of you remember me but thats alright, I havent paid much attention to Agora. So this thread is for the discussion of any interesting developments in your lives and shit like that. Im sarcastically happy to inform that Im no longer with Apathy Forafiend (twas my last band and is finished) and got into an interesting fight with the frontman. So I MIGHT form a new band with a much happier sound of ska and punk with the previous drummer. Thinkin’ of the name Clash Collide. I love metal but I cant stand the bigotry of common metal heads in this area. Its disgusting.

Hell who knows? Maybe I wont be a musician, I dont know. Things are pretty slow here and Im honestly starting to get sick of homosexual dudes. No offense to anyone, its just that having homo best friends is the WORST idea ever. Its like they cant keep their hands to themselves and calls for the worst turn of events. So now Im vice-president of my mothers companies so I might run it like a family business, but I fear its not what I want to do. This task was forced upon myself so its inevitable. But on to happier things:

*Guns N’ Roses is playing this tuesday and Im sure to attend
*I finally got Itunes figured out
*I got a Schecter C-1 FR in black gloss, fuckin’ beautiful
*I learned to play DDR properly
*Will be getting the BMW 330 Ci or later version as a present very soon
*Along with a bogner amp (which I very need, marshall doesnt cut it)
*And honest to god, Ive never played an FF game until like, a month ago. so I now understand what the hub-bub was all about :slight_smile: Very good

And the not so happy things:
*Realised that the only thing that ever kept me from being a serial killer is music. I kid you not.
*Need a psychiatrist/ psychologist, whatever
*I haven’t trained enough on my guitar

So have fun posting anything that has changed this year for better or for worse :slight_smile:

stares at avi and signature wow it has been a long time…

Who are you? O_o

Be sure to post how the GnR concert is. I heard a rumor that Axel’s finally gotten the lead out and Chinese Democracy is set to hit shelves before the year’s out… haven’t decided if that’s good or bad yet.

I remember you. From waaaaaay back. Welcome back. I don’t know if you remember me though. I wasn’t as active back then.

I remember you Mitsuko. I’d ask what’s up, but you already answered that.

:slight_smile: Nice to know that some people still remember! And yes lex I do remember you along with the main cast of agora. It just seems that agora is having a bit of a “dry spell” as someone said around here. But I will be visiting more and randomly add to any discussion along with a few comments such as “pudding>politics woohoo!”

You’re a girl right?

I remember you. Welcome back.

…Is that a rhetorical question?

J/k, yes sorc I am a girl. Now for the sake of this thread please!

This thread is for the discussion of any interesting developments in your lives and shit like that

so sorry. My life is dull for others to hear, so I did not feel the need to post interesting tidbits about my own life.

So is the life of 90% of people who write on a blog or live journal and that doesn’t keep them from increasing the amount of personal text on the net.

Mits, of course I remember you. I always thought of you as a hot rocker chick, a modern version of Joan Jett or Pat Benatar.
Don’t tell me that my perception of you is inaccurate :wink:

I radically changed my vocation last summer. From a simple accountant/part time financial adviser I have morphed into accountant/financial adviser/part time gardener. You should have seen my vegetable garden! I had tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans etc. growing in my backyard. Two years ago I planted a few raspberry bushes, and this summer I was supplying my neighbors with fresh vegetables, berries and financial advice.
Oh yeah, my investments as well bore some fruit for my clients and me.

Yeah, we remember you. Its only been two months.

In the great span of human history, two months is but nothing. Welcome back regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there. I remember you. 'Sup?

Started school in a university of applied sciences just next to Helsinki. Five to thirty minutes drive. Trying to have a semblance of a social life amidst work, too.

I also noticed your sig is… Finnish in its entirety.

edited due to sloppy-mindedness > >

Seifer that’s awesome, gardening is hot. Unfortnately I dont a full potential green thumb so my plants eventually die :frowning: But Im sure your plants will be lively as ever.

And crotanks, yes its been two months BUT in those two months I just checked agora and not contributing so in retrospect it has been like 6 months or so that I havent talked to you guys and such.

Mebatstekkar, yes indeed it is finnish. Paratiisi is by the well known artist Rauli Somerjoki, which was also covered by bands like Ville Valo and the Agents. Very beautiful, but Im sure you knew that. I really meant it when I said I have a fascination with finland…for some reason.