Well... I'll be gone for a little bit.

From Saturday until the Sunday after next, I’ma gonna be in mexico, helping to build a church. or a schoolhouse. or a schoolchurch, one of those things, at least. Yes, I’m serious. I’m gonna be spreading the word of God, and most likely at least three different STDs. So, wish me luck, and for God’s sakes, PLEASE no one mention I shouldn’t drink the water. I’ve heard it 83 times already. Yes, I kept track.

Why are you building a church? o_O

There you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

School service possibly. I know our school does 4 such trips a year, 2 to in country, and 2 outside (one in Tiajuana and one in Ecuador).

Whoa, people with good morals usually go donate to the salvation army or something, not travel to Mexico!

That’s very commendable of you.

Have fun i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t breathe the air. Mexicans have breathed that air before you.

Nope, this is completely voluntary. And I’m going with a group of people from our church who decided to go.

Have fun building one of those, I sure as hell didn’t when I repaired the church where I had communion.

It’ll look good on your application to university!

I have plenty of friends who go on Missionary/Church building trips. They go to like Mexico and Venezuela and Argentina. I have one friend who goes on like two of these trips each year.

Oh, and don’t breathe the air in Mexico City. It’s apparently the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigs.

In addition to the water thing, don’t eat anything the street vendors sell. I made that mistake once and got some kind of weird stomach flu. >.>

Yeah, as of 2001, it was the quivalent of 2.1 packs, but LA was damned close to three…

As much as you try to supress it, you really ARE a good person deep down. Good luck.

That’s very noble of you. I hope you hacve a really good expirience.

I concur.
Bye :wave:

Have fun. drink some tequila, and try to score me some mescaline while you’re at it. hahaha

Oh that sounds like so much fun! I realize that it is a good deed and all, but lets not forget how great it is to visit a country foreign to your own. I hope you find something meaningful down there (spiritual or otherwise).

And as crazy as this may sound, my advice is to spend as much time as safely possible away from the other english speakers. At first it is terrifying, but as you learn to communicate even at the most basic levels, you will understand what is so great about it. being around other Enlgish speakers just lets you get away with not learning to actually communicate with the people you are going there to help.

Just remember, the key word is safety.

YOU STOLE MY AVVIE :open_mouth:

Wish I could go to mexico, but on a missionary trip? Oh well have fun and drink tequila.