Well I must be a bad person...

I kindly told one of my friends to stop these gruesome, vile exchange of public display of affection just earlier and I got told very maturely to

a) go get a boyfriend

b) fuck off

Mind you, I didn’t start anything, and while I said it jokingly, I was dead serious.Plus these are two of my friends who I have supported for the last two weeks, because some other friends of mine were trying to break them up.

Um, am I wrong not wanting to see constant fondling/excessive ass smacking?I don’t think I deserved the whole “you’re a bitch routine” and now the girl wont talk to me, and her boyfriend (also one of my friends) really doesn’t care, he just thought it was funny I guess.
If I have offended anybody here who likes to get groped up against a locker in the hallway at lunch time, I am very sorry, I have just had enough of the whole sex-with-clothes-on today.
Thank you :frowning:

Then don’t watch.

I don’t…it just gets a little tiring when they do it everytime we’re in a group and make a big deal out of it…

Pure exibitionism, I’m afraid. Either they just want to show off and make other people jealous, or they’re trying to pretend everything is fine and covering up something.
Some people are just show-offs… I remember once seeing one of those couples, rolling down a beach without caring if they were bothering other people or crashing against them. Their behavior seems immature. If they really like each other, then they don’t need to keep showing off like that.

I know…I mean it’s fine, but when it gets to a point where it just gets dirty and distracts everyone else…I get a little bit miffed and maybe I get I’m just selfish…I don’t expose other people to that sort of thing, and I guess they can’t accept it.There are janitors halls if you want to get your freak on…geesh.I understand if they were mad but to react so childishly about it is another thing.

To you, it’s showing off because you can’t seem to get someone of your own.

To them, it’s having fun. I’m gonna guess neither of you have ever done anything like that. As such, let me tell you that it is fun and pretty exhilirating. While I’ve never done anything like actual sex in public, I’ve had my fair share of public excursions. Don’t knock it til you try it.

And if you don’t watch, then why do you care so much?


here we go again.I DO have someone, but I also respect other people around me when I’m in public.I’m not saying I stare at them, but it’s hard to have a conversation when two people are grinding and squealing.

Precisely. Being a bit more discreet would do no harm.

Originally posted by Evangelion

here we go again.I DO have someone, but I also respect other people around me when I’m in public.I’m not saying I stare at them, but it’s hard to have a conversation when two people are grinding and squealing. [/b]

Then leave. It isn’t a big deal.

As for being a bit more discreet would do no harm, sure, but leaving would also do no harm either. And you would probably be quicker to leave than they would be to stop.

To some people, it’s more thrilling and exhilirating to make out in public places. I have to go with Sorc on this one, don’t like/can’t do it, then don’t watch.

Doing it in public places may be thrilling, fun & etc, butmost people who do it just wanna show off.

Um. Well, I try to show some consideration when my friends are around… Depending on what your exact words were to your friends, I think it was uncalled for that they started going off about you being a bitch and stuff.

Seeing other people make out excessively and grab each other isn’t the most pleasant thing to watch. I don’t know why you would do that when you have another person with you… It’s a different thing when the two people are alone. So yeah, I think it was rude of them, and you’re justified in asking them to “cool it” or something. Unless you told them “You guys are disgusting and should get a room.” That would be mean.

I just thought, if you start taking photos, they’ll stop.

I don’t know. I really don’t like seeing PDAs, and sometimes its impossible to avoid. But- whatever they want. shrugs Its their perogative.

Originally posted by Ren
I just thought, if you start taking photos, they’ll stop.

Ooooh… Nasty!:slight_smile:

I usually do leave, but it seems I’m the only one with the guts to speak up and say something…it’s not fun to be the only person to walk away from a group and go somewheres else.Okay, Sorc you sound a little harsh, but you’re right…maybe I just have bad friends.
Astral, I just rolled my eyes and that’s what started it, I got the "WHAT?!WHAT?!"treatment and I told them some things are unecessary…guess I should keep my mouth shut and walk away next time…
Ren, yes I feel like they are showing off.Everytime I come around the cling to each other and get in my face or ask me to join in, which is disturbing.I don’t like people who try to “prove themselves” to others.Just uncool.

Maybe they’re doing it just to satisfy their egos… Maybe they want to show off just because they think it makes them look cool…

It’s all about being considerate. If you have friends there that don’t want to see it, it shouldn’t matter if it’s exhilerating for you- you can wait to do it when you’re alone. And leaving isn’t always a solution you know. I think what you did is perfectly fine, Eva.

At this rate, WHAT are they going to do just to show off?

Dry-humping does get very annoying after a while. If you think they’re good friends, though, don’t hit 'em in the hormones; they’ll just get bitchy.