Well, I leave for 5 months, then I come back, then I leave.

Yeah, I know, it’s getting a little confusing:P

Anyway, Tuesday i’m going to take my ASVAB test for the Army, and Friday i’m taking my PT test. On Sunday I leave for Minnesota and stay there for my sister’s wedding to BN, and leave again on the 8th of July. I then go to boot camp some time in the following couple of months. I’m not sure where i’ll end up, but time will tell. I’m going infantry, and will be trying for the Rangers. That’s pretty much it, so not much more Atherelius for a long while:P

Well, it was good to see you around again and everything, good luck with the army.

Well it was good havin’ ya back no matter for how short a time Athe. Good luck in the army.

Rangers? Nice. Good luck.

Bye-yee! We’ll be waitin’ fer ya!

Lead the way, Athy.

Good luck man, you rule.

See you in…uhhh…see ya :wave: :moogle:

So long.

Infantry? have fun, hope you dont get killed or something since that would you know, suck. BTW tell me your scores if you get the chance, I wanna see how I compare to other people that do some of the stuff I do.

doh forgot to say what ill be doing after camp and AIT, so yeah Automated Logistical Specialist at your service.

Lates ATh, and be careful man!

forgot SD was 18
Have fun Ath :slight_smile:

I have a sudden urge to pray that God grants me Omnipotent powers just so I can eradicate all the military of the planet, then go back to my peaceful self.

Wow, seems like seph has some pent up anger. Wanna sit in a circle and talk about your feelings?

As official military come August 28, and military property since march 14th, i can say goto hell you passive aggresive Edit- Not letting it stay since i dont feel like being banned for his comments and my response

Rangers lead the way.

man, I always knew Varan would try out for the Pink Rangesniped through the temple

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Bye’, and goes off to steal (kidnap) some military property.

Good luck with Rangers.
And send our congradulations to the new married couple.:smiley: :kissy:

Have fun.