Well I got my license...

…for the Hummer that is. It sucked though, we started off in rooms, but some people didn’t have them and then wanted them so we all moved to the barracks. I managed to stay in my own room for a week though and then with a friend (who went out every night and made it like I had my own room) by saying that I was staying with Sin (since he isn’t too far from Pendleton). Thanks Sin for being my cover man! :hahaha; The first week was sort of boring but the second week was a lot of fun and we just off-roaded a lot. The Hummer can do some pretty amazing things (some of the mountains we went up were very rocky and VERY verticle). I also got qualified to drive explosives around. The thing that sucked though was driving at night since we did it with NVGs and without them (and no headlights for either). It gets pretty dark out there so that was hard (it was actully harder to drive with the NVGs than without them), but we managed. So yeah, that has been my last two weeks. Oh yeah, and the girl I was seeign broke up with me last Friday through e-mail which sucked.


Hummers can kill any other car ever.

I told the class leader who took my room key that I was stayiong at Sin’s house in order to keep my own room longer. He even asked me to go up during chow and get the key one day and I said that I couldn’t since Sin was in summer school. Thansk Sin, you rock!

Damn, driving hummers around in the night sounds so bitchin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. Can you take them out whenever you want now, since you have a license?

You’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear about your girl though :.

Nah, we’ve got to be doing some thing that needs a Hummer driver. Also, the night isn’t as much fun since you have to go so much slower since it is so much harder to see. Plus, you can’t do as many crazy things since you can’t tell as easily if it is safe, so you stick to safer routes. Off roading with them is fun as hell though. You can over a lot of rought errain pretty fast without messing up the vehicle (it just doesn’t feel very good since the shocks are a little weak, it especially sucks being in the back of some models since they have no seatbelts).