Well, i am finally 16....

Oh joyus day. I now belive my frined when he said being 16 is overrated. I mean the only thing that came out of it is me getting my drivers liceanse and me getting gifts…oh, and being another year closer to death, cant forget about that.

Isn’t 16 the age of concent in MI?

Is that really a factor here?

Beats the hell outta me.


Good point.

Congrats. I’m soon to follow. :slight_smile:


Come back when you’re twenty-one. I’ll still be able to make fun of you.

Yessir, turning 16 sure was a joyous day. In fact it was so great I was 10% more clinically depressed as I knew tomorrow would be crap since the day before it was crap and so was the day before that and so on and so forth.

Yeah, uh, 16 isn’t a momentous occasion at all. As Steve implied, come back and brag when you’re legal so we can still laugh at you.

And i’m not being an ass cause it’s NMG, I just don’t get the whole 16 thing.
Explain to me, please :frowning:


Drivers license

Kinda a big deal

For people who actually get it

Yeah, I’m with Steve on this. I’ve got no sodding clue why 16 is such a big deal, and it’s not JUST the drivers license. Since in some area you can get it at 14, damn Alberta.

Its because of the license, and when im 21, ill probably have a better life, and i wont be on here. Bet you and alot of other people are looking forward to that day, now arent you?

Damn kids making me feel old :frowning:

People felt obligated to buy me alcohol for 18 but not 16, so yea, 16 sucks. :frowning:

Besides, scratch tickets are fun.

So your now one year closer to death. Yay ! Okay bad joke.

I think more will be looking forward to the day when you just aren’t around. Period.


That’s just the thing, it is a big deal. You now have the freedom to go places on your own time rather then relying on rides from your parents. What the USA is today was built around the automobile making 16 a huge turning point in life.

You can get a work license at 14, but that’s mainly for farm familys and you couldn’t very well drive to the mall with it.

21 is nothing special. 16 is nothing special. 18 was special to me only because I could vote. I really don’t see the obsession with various ages.

Okay, you can drive when you’re 16. Wow. Guess what, you’re still gonna be under your parents’ thumb.

  1. Wow. You can buy porn and cigs. Too bad if you wanted to do those things you already would. 18 is important only for the political and civil rights that come with it (voting, contracts, etc) as well as responsibilities (jury duty, Selective Service registration).

  2. Wow. You can now buy alcohol. See 18. You can also buy guns now (although some states have it set at 18, I think). Guns and alcohol. Dangerous mix.

Then, there’s 65. Wow. You can finally get back all the money stolen from you in the first place. That is, of course, if it’s still around and you’re alive.

I’m sad now. Thanks, 984. :frowning: