Well, fuck.

Some of you might remember, but some four years back, my father died from a heart attack on the tenth of July. A year before that, my grandfather from my mother’s side died from the same cause on the sixth of the same month. Last year, my grandfather from my father’s side went the same way on the twentieth.

Today, twelfth of July, my father’s brother and pretty much the last close male blood relative I had died from, oh surprise, a heart attack. I’m not grieving per se, as even though he was nice to me, we were never close and he had become a completely different person in the last few years alienating pretty much everyone around him. I’m simply in complete awe as to just how the fuck people keep dying on me when they seemed perfectly fine no more than a week before.

No, I’m not sure what response I’m looking for here. I’m not sure If I want any response. I guess it just beats staring at the ceiling while I fight insomnia. I’m not sad or anything, I’m just way too surprised . If I had to sum up my current mood, it would be a big hearty “MAN, WHAT THE FUCK?”

And I need to remember to get some periodic checks on my own health in case this is hereditary. Of fucking course it’s hereditary, who the hell in my family HASN’T had a heart attack.

Jesus Christ man o.o

Sorry to hear that… and yeah, get a check up ASAP.

Well, you have to consider the ages and lifestyles of those who died. You’re younger, and if you lead a sane, tranquil life, even if you have a tendency for it, you can easily live a heart attack-free life.

Steal a bunch of other people’s hearts and stick them in your pockets. That way if you ever get a heart attack yourself, the doctors’ll be able to replace it right away.

Seriously though, that sucks and good luck surviving it if you ever get one y’self. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, July sucks, no?

Wow, that’s horrible. Yeah, periodic health checks sounds like a good idea.

(Also, sorry, but I honestly kept thinking ‘someone wrote their names in a death note’ when I was reading that. I’m a bad person. >_< )

How old were these men when they died and what was their physical state when they died?

From the sound of it there is something going on. Sorry to hear about your family :\

My father and uncle where 47 and 46 respectively at the time of death. In general had acceptable health with some cholesterol and considerable psychological stress. My grandparents are not that relevant, as my maternal grandfather had a pretty bad health throughout his life (The man survived SEVEN strokes and an hemiplegia before the eighth did him in at 76) and although my paternal grandfather had a terrifyingly healthy complexion (The man had less health issues than someone in his forties), he was already 88 years old so it was to be expected.

Holy crap, that is pretty harsh man.

Don’t know what else to say other than you have my sympathies, same as everyone else has said.

Oh man. Saying “Major Bummer” wouldn’t even be scratching the surface on this one. My sympathies, friend - I know what it’s like to lose family (but it sounds like you have it way worse).

I agree with the others in seeing a doctor regularly, good idea.