Yeah, I got the Legend of Zelda series on DVD the other day. It’s just as corny as it was back in 1989, but every bit as amusing.

I remember seeing a few eps a few months ago thanks to our channel on mIRC. I can’t believe what we watched as children.

Don’t forget, willingly watched and enjoyed. I still do.

Also, I Really need to import this ASAP…

I remember watching this in French once, in Quebec. It was a grand ol’ time. Because of the really high-voiced dub, I thought Link was a girl.

Remember when he got the ring and fought off all those octorocks? That was pretty fucking cool.

I downloaded a couple of episodes a couple of months ago and I had a hard time watching it. It is one show that I don’t feel aged well. I loved it when I was young, but now I can’t really stand it (I think it is because of the idfferences from the games).

Wasn’t that paired up with The Gamemaster, or whatever they called it. The guy who got sucked into his TV and used a NES controller as a super-power.

I still watch my DVD collection of the Megaman TV show. That series had the coolest megaman related opening EVER… Too bad the actual show sucked balls.

The best parts are the Live Action Super Mario Segments they got as extras.

I remember that! That was the only show of the ones mentioned here that was aired on my country. I loved it, for some reason. It’s the one in which the Game Boy appears later on, right?

Yeah, it was called “Captain N the Gamemaster”. I loved that show! I had dreams about kicking Mother Brains ass with him. C’mon was I was like 10.

Captain N had a pretty cool letterjacket

Yes. HAD.